The Highest And Lowest Diesel Prices In The World

The price of diesel in India has remained unchanged at around Rs 45 per litre for a long time now. The govt has given indications that it is not going to raise the price and will continue subsidising it. In this connection it would be interesting to know both the ten highest and ten lowest diesel priced countries in the world.

It is reported that the highest price of diesel is in Norway which otherwise is fifth largest petroleum producing country in the world. The price there is Rs 147.87 per litre and its citizens spend only 6.17% of their average

montly income is spent on diesel.

The second highest price is in UK at Rs 120 per litre app. It is followed by Greece where it is priced at Rs 119 per litre. The fourth highest price is in Italy at Rs 116 per litre and the fifth highest is in Ireland at Rs 112 per litre.The price in Sweden is Rs 110 per litre and is sixth highest.

The diesel price in Iceland is Rs 108.49 per litre making it the seventh highest priced country. The eighth spot goes to Israel at Rs 107.62 per litre and they spend around 9.47% of their disposable income on it.

The ninth position is held by Denmark where it is priced at Rs 105 per litre and at the tenth position is Finland where it costs Rs 104 per litre.

Excepting Greece and Italy in all other top ten highest priced diesel countries the average monthly spend is less than 10 % of their disposable income. In Greece it is around 20% and in Italy it is around 12 %. Thus these countries because of their high per capita

income are buying highest priced diesel but it still does not make a hole in their pockets.

Now let us see the ten lucky countries where diesel is the lowest priced in the world. At the tenth spot is Sudan where diesel costs around Rs 24 per litre. The ninth position is held by Oman where it is priced at Rs 21.28 per litre. The eighth spot goes to Egypt at Rs 18 per litre.

The seventh spot is surprisingly held by the Latin American country Equador where it is priced at Rs 15.68 per litre. Yemen at Rs 13 per litre is at the sixth spot. The fifth lowest price of diesel prevails in Libya at Rs 7.28 per litre.

Now come the real dicey prices. Saudi Arabia sells diesel at Rs 3.75 per litre and is at the fourth spot. Can it go lower than it. Yes in Algeria they sell it for only Rs 1.06 per litre and it is the third cheapest price of diesel in the world.

Now for the surprising prices. Hold your breath. The second cheapest price of diesel is in Iran at Rs 0.9 per litre.The cheapest price of diesel  in the world is in Veneznuela at Rs 0.62 per litre. One almost feels like asking why charge this much also -- give it free.

In India it is around Rs 51 per litre. In Pakistan it is Rs 52, in Bangladesh it is around Rs 35 and in Sri Lanka it is Rs 37 per litre. Chinese price is around Rs 58 per litre.

So you can now decide which country to drive your diesel vehicle.

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