Aamir Khan & Hrithik Have Done It So Can You--- Quit Smoking.

Two of India's famous Bollywood stars, namely, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan, have publicly acknowledged that they have quit smoking. Both have furthur stated that they have left it for good. In both cases there was pressure from family and in case of Aamir, his children also motivated him to quit smoking.Now all eyes are on the other two equally famous stars,Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, as to when they'll give up. Salman has declined to give any committment and SRK has acknowledged that his wife and children are after him to quit smoking, but he too has not

firmly committed to quit smoking.

Why is it so difficult to quit this habit.?

As an ex-smoker myself I can understand why the two smoking Khans are not able to give a public committment .  Mark Twain has very aptly said, a long time ago, "giving up smoking is very easy , I have done it so many times". I als ohad given it up a few times only to start again. Th maximum period I quit was for about 30 days. Every time I  started again I would assure myself that I would smoke not more than three or four cigarettes a day. In no time I would be resmoking a packet every day.Rather than agree that the habit had once again defeated me I would reassure myself that whenever I want I can quit.

It was after forty years of smoking, that one day in April 2007 I decided almost on the spur of the moment to quit smoking. I did not make any promise to myself that this time it was for sure. At the back of mind I had this nagging feeling that sooner or later I would be starting again. However this time I decided to take supportive steps to help me

leave this obnoxious habit once for all. I decided to keep away from all such persons and spots where I would smoke. I also left going to a magazine library, on way to my home, where I would after exchanging magazine, smoke the last cigarette of the day. After a couple of days my smoking friends started calling me out to join them for smoking sessions, like before. But I resolutely resisted joining them.

To my utter surprise I found the urge to smoke  had started to reduce and in a fortnight or so I felt confident that this time I could succeed. I requested my friends not to insist that I should smoke and they cooperated. After about a month I went to some of the spots where I used to smoke and did not feel at all the urge to smoke. Till date since then I have not smoked and am very confident that I have now given it up for ever. Subsequently I did a bit of research and found that a vast majority of smokers had given it up successfully by just quitting it lock, stock and barrell.

I therefore am emboldened to say that one of the ways to quit smoking is by just giving it up one fine day without any planning. With luck one can give it up for ever. The post quit smoking benefits are simply so beneficial that it will become difficult to go back to smoking again'

If the Khans were to ever read this article, perhaps they can get motivated to quit smoking .If not them many other readers can do so. Best of Luck

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  • vks1000  05-06-2016
    Your husband needs to be shown some documentaries as to what happens due to tobacco inhalation for a long time. Also you can ask him to smoke one cigarette less a day every week. Best of luck.
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  • UmiNoor  04-06-2016
    Congratulations on your success at quitting smoking. It's not easy. I admire your resoluteness. It's true that the only way to quit smoking is to do it cold turkey. My husband believes that if a smoker decides to quit smoking altogether, he will get ill. This is a misconception. When a smoker quits smoking, he will immediately feel healthy. But my husband just won't quit even after he had suffered from a heart attack. Maybe he just wants to die early.
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