From Red Indians To Las Vegas Why America Will Not Introduce Gun Control?

Initially the so called US pioneers used guns to kill Red Indians to deprive them of their lands but today the guns are used by US citizens to kill fellow citizens. No one seems to know why. Mass killing at Las Vegas is the latest example of this peculiar US madness.

Every now and then an American citizen goes crazy. He does what comes naturally to him. Kill fellow Americans. With a gun in hand he starts shooting left and right and soon shoots himself to death.Post death he gets his couple of days fame on media throughout  the world. Cries for gun control are raised by a few citizens and concerned groups but these get drowned by strong gun lobbies and champions of individual liberty to defend oneself.

Americans constitute a meager  4.4% of the world population but are reported to possess more than 50% of civilian owned guns worldwide. The total

firearms with the civilian population of US is around 270 millions and there are 83  firearms per 100 residents.The latest Las Vegas shooter used a semi automatic gun along with an attachment called 'bump stock' which enabled him fire bullets rapidly as if from an automatic gun. However in US automatic guns are not allowed to be sold to civilians

Nearly 200 persons have been killed in top five worst mass shootings in US since 1991. Fifty nine persons were killed and a staggering 559 injured when Stephen Paddock, a retired and a wealthy person, for no rhyme or reason,  started shooting from

the 32nd floor of a luxury hotel in Las Vegas  on a crowd attending a musical program. Last year in Orlando, Florida 49 persons were killed by a shooter in nightclub. Random shootings are common in US. The motives of the shooters are seldom known as either they kill themselves or are killed by the police.

But will a nation which used to kill Red Indians as a sport during the taking over of their lands control the possession of the very weapon which was instrumental in acquiring the vast lands that form the US today? Possession of firearms is a fundamental right reportedly enshrined in the US constitution.The gun lobby finances nearly half of the people's representatives elections. US citizens are afraid in their prosperity and thus must have a gun by their side for self protection.So it is not going to be easy to control civilian guns in US.

One can only hope that the US government listens to proper advice and starts to legislate gun control measures. Innocent lives of their own citizens will be spared.

Article Written By vks1000

Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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  • iggy  27-11-2017
    Gun control is not the answer, most of the gun related crime is performed by illegal gun owners. The legal owners respect the law and handle guns in a safe manner. The criminals need stiffer punishments to guarantee they will never repeat the crime in the first place. It has been proven that terrorists do not need guns to kill and how many legal gun owners have been reported robbing a bank. The problem is the thinking and morals of people today. God needs to be brought back into mainstream America while the citizens are taught better to love their country and one another.
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  • UmiNoor  09-10-2017
    It's scary to imagine how many households in the US have guns in their homes. I don't know why Americans think they need guns to protect themselves. If nobody owns guns then there'll be no need to protect oneself against others. Guns are so permanent when used on others. If Americans think that they need to own guns, make sure the guns are in the hands of responsible people otherwise the world will always be fed with this type of news every few months. It's time American politicians take a more serious look at gun control or maybe even a ban on personal gun ownership.
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    • vks1000  12-10-2017
      They will do nothing of what you want them to do. The gun lobby is very strong.
  • vpaulose  07-10-2017
    Gun control cannot be imagined in the USA.
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    • vks1000  12-10-2017
      You are right. The Americans love their gun culture even if every year many innocent Americans get killed by mass shooters.
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