Narender Modi's Single Handed Majestic Victory In Indian Elections

Narender Modi has by his own single handed efforts won a very handsome victory for his BJP party and is on his way the be the new Prime Minister.

The massive victory of 63 year old Narender Modi in the Indian elections is a triumph of a single minded devotion backed by hard work. He has single handedly taken his party BJP  and the NDA alliance, comfortably beyond the half way mark of 272 seats in the Lok Sabha, thereby ensuring that smaller regional parties do not get an opportunity to blackmail their support in an coalition form of government.

In the process the 125+ year old ruling Congress party has been handed its worst ever defeat. They have managed to win a dismal 45 seats and are reduced to

an almost regional party like status. The Modi tsunami has decimated many regional parties like DMK, BSP, National Conference, who have drawn a blank and will go unrepresented in the Parliament. The Samajwadi Party in UP has also been humbled, managing to win a mere 5 seats out of 80.

What are the reasons for Modi to have performed so effectively. Modi has been elected thrice as the CM of Gujarat and had thus the experience of running a State and offered the much touted Gujarat model of development to the nation. Further the fact that he is personally incorruptible and his 12 year rule in Gujarat has not had any scam or scandal was an image booster. Also after the infamous riots of 2002 there has been no riot in Gujarat.

He has proved to be a matchless communicator both on ground and social media. He has addressed nearly 450 meetings all over the country almost on a 3-4 meetings on daily basis during the prior period and during the official election duration. He has demonstrated tremendous stamina both physical and mental.

He mercilessly focused on the dynastic politics in Congress and other parties.He also repeatedly raised the issues of corruption,scams, high inflation and prices in almost all his public meetings.His oratory  skills were very effective

in convincing the huge audiences to consider supporting him/

He successfully sold the development dream and was able to create a perception that he alone can turn the economy to generate large number of jobs. This has attracted a significan number of young voters to his side. The scale of his victory also clearly shows that a significant number of minority community voters have voted for his candidates, thereby bursting the myth that he is anti minority.

His main opponents in the Congress party were no match for his oratory, organizing skills, successful track record as Gujarat CM, vigour and stamina. They simply could not match him. They tried to portray him as someone, who if he came to power, would be like a dictator and would be biased in his dealings with certain community. 

In the end all these negative fears were cast aside by the voters and his party has won a majority on its own by getting 284 seats and the NDA has got 340+ seats. After 1984 this is the first time a single party is going to form a government without allies if it so desires. 

The good news from this election are the fact that many dynasty candidates have lost, many regional parties have been decimated and development as an agenda has been supported by the voters.

The largest election exercise in the largest democracy of the world has been conducted successfully and peacefully. It is a tribute to the common Indians and their faith in democracy.

The reverse counting of Modi's honeymoon period with the public has begun. He must soon start to fulfill  his very tall promises.The new Prime Minister will be watched very minutely by all those who voted for him.

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    For him, there is no impossible in his dictionary, he made impossible possible.
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