Will Narendra Modi Ever Become The Pm

Narendra Modi has done it again. He has successfully polarised the NDA into the secular vs communal debate. Nitish Kumar of Bihar has taken it upon himself, to catalyse the debate. The BJP has started defending Modi, after the RSS chief expressed his support for him. 

Such tactics suit Narendra Modi. In 2002, he very cleverly used the communal riots in Gujarat, to his advantage, by polarising the majority comminity against the minorities. The greatful majority voted him to power. Again in 2007, he used similar tactics and a still greatful majority voted him back to power. Now, Modi the astute

politician, knows that public cannot go on being greatful all the time. So he took advantage, of having inherited a developed state, and started tomtoming that all the development in Gujarat is because of his "inclusive " development strategy. He wanted, not only the Gujaratis but  all Indians to believe that he is the messiah of development. By doing so he wants people to forget  the 2002 riots.

By projecting himself as the great development oriented personality, he cotinuously attacks the Prime Minister, for his internal and external policies. It is very rare, to see an Indian Chief Minister, enter into a slinging match with the PM. This is generally done, by opposition party leaders at the national level. The PM has so far, rightly, not engaged himself with Modi, to the dislike of the latter.

Why is Modi such a polarising personality. It is because, he has understood, that by doing so, he is ensuring that he gets votes of the communually minded voters. Also, he wants many fronts to be opened, so that the votes of the secular voters get

distributed. His party has no option but to project him because he is also backed by the RSS. Also Modi can help the party financially, much better than any other BJP Chief Ministers. In the past few years, the record of BJP central leaders has not been very encouraging and they are in competition amongst themselves. The party cadre want some one like Modi to lead them becauseof his ability to singlemindedly pursue his goals. Every one likes to be with the winner. Advani is history now like Keshubhai in Gujarat.

So will Modi make it to the PM's post. Difficult to answer toady. Already opposition has started. How strong will it be, one will have to wait and watch. In the time left till 2014 elections if the UPA is able to turn around the economy, they may be able to hold on to power. Will the BJP move beyond its best performance to increase its tally in the Parliament . The rise and strengthening of regional parties, will ensure that this will be a difficult task. Thus there is going to be need for coalition partners, if one has to secure power in Delhi.

In such a scenario, will projecting Modi as a PM candidate, help in getting more allies or make existing allies also  go away is a critical question which needs to be answered. Perhaps a polarising Modi may not always emerge victorious.

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