Will Manmohan Singh Take The First Step For The Third Time

By all indications the Congress party leading the UPA government at the Centre is working overtime to see that it does not come back to power in 2014 or whenever the elections are held. It is now becoming clear that most of the veteren brigade holding important ministries are tired of their ministerships and want to peacefully retire and enjoy the fruits of their labour in their twilight years.

As is often the custom, they do not want to build their second line of leadership. After all many of them would argue as to who build them up in the first

place. They wolud like, both us and themselves to believe,that they are up there because of merit. If that were so why is the country's economy in such doldrums today?

Poor Manmohan Singh. A brilliant economist who spent, almost his whole career in socialistic India, dramatically changed his thinking and fathered the revolution in Indian economy, since the dream budget he presented in 1991-92. It had a tremendous impact on the country's economy and opened and unleashed the hidden entreprenual skills of modern Indians. The world took note of India.

The same Manmohan now finds himself ridiculed, by the recessionary and low growth US based, Time magazine, as an under achiever. Even the long ago spent Tiger of Mumbai is emboldened to call him politically impotent.  

Such is the fate of a honest person leading the government. What has gone wrong. Almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Everyone in the government, barring a microscopic few are out to enrich themselves for their next seven generations. To hell with good governance. Their is rarely any loss of face or punishment faced by the wrong doers. The world's most lengthiest judicial system guarantees this.

So having made their pile the party and colleagues of Manmohan Singh now want a safe exit. So the best thing to do

is start blaming the PM and then when it comes out, coolly deny it a la Khursheed style. That suits the first political family of India also, whose only agenda is to go on increasing the subsidy culture thereby hope, assured votes will come and the heir can straight away become the PM. That 65 years after independence, there should be supporters of such ideas, still avalable in the government, party and the country is a matter of shame. But that is the reality.

Poor Singh will become the proverbial sacrificial bull. History will remember him for directing the economy in the right direction and punish him for bringing the same economy to a low point. If one were to think coolly, the economy is not in such bad state as is made out to be, given the world wide recession. Opposition BJP is out to malign Singh because it suits them, but in the process the country's name is getting sullied, does not bother them. Within Congress the blame game suits the followers of the rising son.

Poor Singh like a true bureaucrat and a dedicated civil servant that he was will go on working hard till his last day in office. Or, now that the longest serving Minister is no longer around, Singh will find his way again and prove all his detractors wrong and show the energy he showed, when he moved the nuclear Bill. He owes it to no one but himself to go right ahead in full earnest. The cowards will fall in line. Take the first step once again for the third time Mr Singh. The people will be with you.

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