Why Should Men Have All The Fun -- Time Women Gave It Back

Why should men have all the fun is the tag line of a two wheeler promo on the electronic media. Yes indeeed, why should women be at the receiving end all the time? Why should women be denied the good things of life just because they are women ? How long will this unfair treatment of nearly 50% of our population continue ? Why do men think they are the priviledged class ? Questions like these need to be, not only asked, but also answered. The Indian society is not what it is claimed to be. It is, what is

seen every day, of how women, young and old are repeatedly humiliated, throughout the length and breadth of the country.

The women belonging to the lowest castes are considered everyone's property and can be ill treated at will. They can't hit back. Niether their menfolk can do so. Centuries of oppresion has emasculated them to acceptance of  having to live a life, of constantly being suppressed.

As one goes up the caste ladder, we find the women being oppressed, not in crude manners but by being subjected to various controls, which have both the sanction and concurrence of not only the menfolk but also a large number of their women folk. This is unfortunate but true. The women who have been raised in suppression in their younger days, start believing controls to be normal. Any deviation is severely punished and this fear factor operates successfully in the subjugation of women, in almost all castes and classes of Indian society.

Coming to urban women, yes they are relatively more liberated, but eventually a vast number of them fall in line. One of the litmus test of this phenomenon is the denial of property rights

to girls by their parents and brothers, and there are hardly any cases in the courts. The girls as usual have given in, although law is in their favour.

The recent episode of allegedly 20 male beasts falling upon a seventeen year young girl in Guwahati and repeatedly shown on TV, epitomises the ultimate male desire to treat women as dirt. Their is a famous Hindi film song "Aurat ne janam diya mardoon ko, mardoon ne use bazar diya". How true.

The problem is that a growing girl is constantly conselled to be docile and accept male superiority and a growing boy is taught to be aggressive and have his way. Who does it ? Obyiously the parents consisting of a male and a female. Who encourages female infanticide? Sadly even elder women in the family. Who asks for dowry? The womenfolk in the bridegroom's family. So let us not only blame men. They are the instruments of oppression sanctioned by the society cosisting of women also.

Therefore if women have to be treated with respect, then women have to come forward, to change the prevailing anti women thinking, widely prevalent in the Indian society. Women should now start giving it back to men. The economically independent women, especially in the urban areas, should start the process. Women should start self help groups which can come to each others help in case of distress. The men should be made aware that they no longer are the superior of the human species.

When oh when will the women start giving it back to the men!!!!

Article Written By vks1000

Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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