Why Narendra Modi Needs To Be Careful

Narendra Modi has done it again.You have got to give him credit, for his ability, to simply remove human hurdles who try to block his path, to the ultimate goal of an ambitious politician, the PM's post at the, what he himself calls, the sultanate at Delhi. It is a remarkable catipulation by the BJP top leadership, just to ensure, that he attends the party's National Executive meet at Mumbai.

Modi agreed to attend the meeting only when the party President, personally phoned him, to inform him, that his bete noire, Sanjay Joshi has submitted resignation as a special invitee to

the meeting. Modi had once again successfully made his senior leaders in the party, bow down, to his wishes. Earlier, he had declined to canvass in the UP state assembly elections, held recently, because Sanjay Joshi was made in charge of UP and had not attended the last  National Executive meeting held at Delhi in September, 2011.  He had as per media reports, even stopped talking to Gadkari,the BJP President.

it is also significant that RSS has also given in to Modi's demand. Had Modi not attended the meeting at Mumbai, it would create a crisis in the BJP. Already, it is reported that all the Gujarat invitees, had threatened to resign, if Sanjay Joshi was not removed, as a condition for them to attend along with Modi. Suppose it had happened would the BJP top leadership have the guts to take disciplinary action against Modi and his associates in Gujarat.

Modi today knows that in Gujarat he does not need BJP, but the party needs him, in the country. By positionong himself as a Hindutva champion in 2002 and then, changing tracks, to become a champion of development, Modi has very smartly played his cards. In the process he has gained a pan India image especially in a section of the country's youth. He has also to a certain extent, been successful in projecting himself as a person who is decisive in nature. When he is compared with present day indecision makers

he comes out shining.

He therefore is capitalising on the weaknesses of his party top brass. He has also fought last assembly elections in Gujarat in 2007, single handedly, by niether inviting Central BJP leaders nor allowed them to finalise the candidates list which is generally done by the BJP parliamentary committee. Thus he has been having his way practically since 2002 onwards, when he got the veteran leader Keshubhai Patel removed from the election committee and replaced him.

Where does Modi go from here. Till now most of his victories have been over his own senior party members and he has tried to project himself as superior to them. In the process he has also overtaken Advani who now feels slighted. The important point is that, is not Modi, creating a large group of enemies within the party, on whose name, he wants to reach the top post of PM. When the time of reckoning  comes, will not all these leaders, who are insulted today, join togethe,r to deny him his oppurtunity. Will they not strike the iron when it is hot. Why is Modi and his advisors, if he has any, not  factoring this immense possibility. After all the post of PM is not for any one's asking nor is it given on a platter. Also, so far, no one has been able to manipulate to get it. India is far bigger than Gujarat ,where the masses of a particular disposition have been supporting him, as a thank you, for being permitted to have their way. How long will this honeymoon last.

Will Gadkari, Jaitley, Sushma and the elder leader's like Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi or Keshubhai Patel in Gujarat, amongst others, allow him to reach where he wants to reach. Narendra Modi needs to be careful if he wants to achievehis goal. He must carry people along ,not cast them aside. 

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