Why Anna Must Fast On August 16, 2011

It is clear by now that the Central Government is damn scared of Anna Hazare and his movement. His intended fast from Aug.16th has disotiented not only the Govt. but also the Congress party. It is becoming evident that there is no agreed to reaction both from the Govt. ministers or the Congress party officials. Every one seems to be giving varied responses and what is worse they are trying to malign Anna by trying to convince the people that he is corrupt !

The Govt and Congress party , together seem to be united in their resolve to be voted

out of power in the coming elections whenever they are held. A honest Prime Minister is presiding over a corrupt Govt. He is in fact acting like a CEO of a company whose Board of Directors are corrupt, but is not able to see or understand the reality. The BOD is happy that he is getting the flake but it does not realise that the people are far  more smarter and know exactly what is happening.

That Anna has caught the imagination of the masses is  an  establshed fact  by now. His  fight against  corruption is supported by all but the corrupt. The corrupt are in high places and thus are leaving no stone unturned to defame Anna and his movement. They are even deciding how he should fast, where and for what period. The police which can't control  traffic  anywhere in the country wants Anna to ensure that  not  more  than 5000 people, 50 cars and 50 scooters are present in the place where he is permitted to fast for 68 hours only. It is like the police telling car owners that they should ensure that at no crossing more than 12 cars are present at

any time, so that they can chew tobacco comfortably under the nearest tree. Already the masses are laughing at the remarks of the three s's of the Congress namely Sibbal, Soni and Singh (Diggy). Mrs Ambika Soni says that Anna does not have the right to write the type of letter he has addressed to the PM, but Madam do the Ministers have the right to loot the country's wealth.The arrogance of power in these and other official spokespersons utterences are astonoshimg.

It seems that the fact they have been elected has lead them to believe that they can do anyhing right or wrong and no one should question them. The great DMK patriarch stated that the Congress is not helping get his daughter bail thereby accepting the fact that judiciary can be influenced to save the leaders and their dependents. The common man is fed up of daily corruption in Govt. departmaents.The corrupt officials and politicians are persons without conscience and are thus dangerous. They have to be identified, punished and made ineligible for any furthur jobs or standing for elections.

The JanLokpal as devised by Anna is a must. Let Anna fast and move the conscience of the nation and the Govt. Let the people support him and his cause. Let the outgoing Govt not create hurdles but accept gracefully the desire of the masses that may ensure their longevity.

Once again may Anna win!!!!


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