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The next World Cup cricket  matches are to begin from Feb.19th and shall be played in India,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. There is already widespread coverage and daily discussions in both the print and electronic media.It is rightly said that cricket is like a religon in India and its present diety is Sachin Tendulkar. MS Dhoni is the presiding priest and the rest of the team members are like idols in a temple.

Now every member of the team is saying that it is their wish that they shall win the World Cup as a gift to Sachin Tendulkar.  The media also has come

to the conclusion that the best team to win the World Cup is India. The common spectators' expectations are also raised skyhigh. Now there is nothing wrong in all these wishes and expectations.

But time and again the teams in the past have belied expectations.Will it happen again this time too. What with key players  recovering from injuries. Also there are improvements in performance of other teams especially England and Pakistan. Australia's record in the past World Cups is very strong. If the support of the home spectators is inspiring at the same time it puts tremendous pressure on the players to perform.

It is therefore to be questioned whether it is right to raise expectations skyhigh and sort of already decide India as the  " winner".What if they fall short of winning the Cup? We can imagine them being castigated left and right and

convereted from heroes to villians by the same media which is eugolising them today. Or is the media selling itself by doing so both before and after the tournament. It seems that the media is a significant  participant ,with the freedom to change sides as the tournament proceeds.

 Perhaps in the final analysis it is not important which country wins because it  is  the media which is  the real "winner" of the World Cup.


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