When Ragging Was A Pleasure

Nowadays ragging in campuses across the country is banned. This is because it has now become a tool of harassment used by groups of stdents against new comers. Many unfortunate freshers have lost their lives.

Many years ago, ragging was not such bad thing, as it is today. In engineering colleges, the freshers, as the first year students were known knew that the seniors, usually the second year students, are on the lookout for them. There was no escape route. The seniors caught the freshers and took them to their rooms and usually ragged  them in groups.

Most of the time witty

questions were thrown at the nervous freshers. Before they could attempt to answer another question would follow and so on. The bombardment of questions would leave the freshers totally puzzuled.

In between, choicest four letter words would be used liberally. Many a fresher would feebly protest that they should not be so abused, to the amusement of the seniors, who would then force the freshers to utter these very  four letter bad words.

Also almost always the freshers would be asked to do some physical activity like catching flies, crossing the floor on one's bum only with the feet kept up,standing on one leg only and so on,for some time. It was not even rare that a senior would cause physical harm to a fresher.

Yes, lot of talk would eventually veer round sex and related topics. The freshers would blush and the seniors would be laughing away. Freshers would be encouraged to narrate their sex experiences.

However rarely would a fresher

be able to answer fully. For the intention was not to hear their stories. Ragging those days was a means of forced introduction or intro. After the ragging was over, most of the time the freshers would be, after properly getting introduced to each other, taken out for having snacks or nashta.

All ragging would  stop after the college conducted the fresher's welcome function. Anyone ragging thereafter was looked down upon.

It was a pleasure getting ragged. After one year the very same freshers now second year students  would be hunting for freshers. The cycle of ragging would continue.

However, today ragging seems to have become a means of humiliating and causing physical harm to innocent freshers especially in professional colleges. A whole regime has come up for controlling the menace of ragging these days. Sad but is required.

The days when ragging was a pleasure have gone away perhaps forever. Today, many may not agree, but those who were ragged and later on became raggers themselves, knew how to boldly face many tricky situations in life later on. They knew how to make friends with seeming adverseries and have nashta together later on. Ragging was in a way an initiation ceremony into the harsh reality of the unknown future and prepared one for it.

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