Viswanathan Anand -- 5th Victory At 42

Viswanathan Anand's victory at the World Chess Championship, has made him the World Champion a record fifth time. He won the crown in 2000 (Teharan) and then in 2007 (Mexico), 2008 (Bonn), 2010 (Sofia) and now in 2012 (Moscow). He  now automatically qualifies for the 2013 World championship which is going to be played in India next year.

Anand defeated Boris Gelfland of Israel in the four  tie breaker matches by winning it 2.5 vs 1.5, after drawing the earlier 12 matches at 6-6.It was not an easy win for Anand, as Boris turned out to be a worthy challenge,r who

had studied Anand's previous games thoroughly. He was able to counter Anand's moves deftly and also be able to predict next moves.

It is a tribute to Anand's capabilities, that, he quickly adapted and bounced back in the eighth game,  the very next day after he was defeated in the seventh game, by Boris a day earlier. He rightly took the main matches to a 6-6 level  score, as he knew his strength, lay in the rapid play ,where he has no equal so far. It is here, where he could get better of Boris, to win the World title for the fifth time and fourth time in a row.

In the rapid four game tie breaker,s Anand won the second game and the rest were drawn. This meant Anand won by 2.5 to 1.5 points. Boris found himself, under time pressure, throghout the four games and Anand had at one time a four minute advantage. Anand's supremacy in

the rapid format of the game was once again established.

At the age of 42, with younger players threatening to dislodge him, Anand has consolidated his place in chess history. He was for the first time, playing against an older player than him, for the World title. At 43, Boris was perhaps making a last try at the World title.

After the match,Boris agreed that he was under time pressure and that did him in. He looked visibly tired at the post match press conference. Anand too agreed, that ,Boris gave tough fight, and, he was also feeling exhausted after the 20 days 12 match ordeal. Anand also said he was too tense to feel happy and it is going to take time for the victory to sink in.

The sterling performance by Anand over the past two decades and more have created considerable interest in chess in India. Today millions of young Indians are motivated to play the game and in many schools its playing is encouraged. India is producing chess Grandmasters at young ages and the second youngest Grandmaster in the world  is an Indian.

'Vishy" Anand has made all Indians proud and his return home is eagerly awaited. He has single handedly achieved laurels at the world level and become a legend in the world of chess. An Indian of whom every Indian should be justifiably proud.Congratulations to him  for the fifth victory at 42.

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