Trump's Indian Style Electioneering

Trump's election campaign has Indian type issues and style, perhaps for the first time in US nomination contest. These issues are expected to dominate the coming November US Presidency elections. Some one in India is keenly watching them.

Donald Trump is now certain to be the Republican Party nominee for the post of President of US in the November, 2016 elections. His journey to win the nomination has been unlike the typical races in the past. He comes out as a typical Indian candidate fighting elections. Most are  aware how Indian politicians divide the electorate in name of religion, caste, region and any other factor which will help them to do so. Running down the opposing candidates is also  merciless.. Violence can also be resorted to if necessary. There are strong allegations   of money power being liberally used in

the world's largest democracy.

Trump seems to have taken many of these winning formulas from Indian elections. See how he humiliated the Mexicans by saying he will  build a wall between US  and Mexico and make  the Mexicans pay for it. This is to stop their immigration into USA., He openly makes racist comments on Obama. He makes sexist remarks on women like he did to a woman TV editor. His snide remarks on Hillary Clinton are also in the same class. All in all he does not have any qualms to attack below the belt in order to make an impression on the US electorate.

He comes from a rich background and is self financing his poll campaign. He therefore is not  under anyone's control.At the same time no Republican supporter can put break on him as he does not need their financial support. He has managed to gather te required votes and now the party cannot refuse him a nomination. 

In his journey so far he has offended as many as he could. Blacks, Hispanics, and even Indians. Muslims are his favorites. He has said he will stop them from entering US and will be tough on Islamic countries. He is also going  to ask allies to pay for protecting them.

Outsourcing of jobs to India and other countries will be difficult if he were to become President. He has repeatedly

threatened American industry for sending jobs to 'cheap' destinations like India.

Perhaps in many years, at an rally, his supporters fought with those against him amd police had to arrest dozens. One  has not seen such violence during party  nomination and elections in US. He also had allegedly stated that there would be violence if he was denied a nomination as was being considered by some Republican bigwigs.

Why is Trump receiving such support in spite of his negative campaign?  Is it because of Islamic terrorism and happenings in ISIS controlled areas and US having to counter it with men , money and materials. Are increasing number of Americans feeling threatened due to this and loss of jobs due to outsourcing and immigration? Is Trump playing on the fears experienced by Americans.

There is a general movement towards rightist politics in many parts of the world. America also seems to be following this trend. Trump has perhaps rightly understood this phenomenon and has planned strategies on it  to win nomination and  also the Presidential race.

American President has a very important role to play in international politics. He can enter into wars or stop them. His political beliefs and orientation are very critical as these will shape his policies and initiatives. The world is thus keenly watching who will emerge as the next US President in November. Will it be a crude Trump or the experienced Hillary?

Will the Indian style campaigning by Trump succeed in US  will also be keenly watched by Indians and one person in particular. For this Indian  friend of Obama choice  may be Trump but will the American voters throw up Hillary?

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