Time To Say Bye Bye Mamata

One M of the M trio supporting the UPA government has struck almost like a tornado. In typical Mamata style she first warned, then gave time and now even while she has struck has still given time to the Manmohan Singh govt. till Friday to roll back some of the decisions regarding the economy they have taken. A small opening is avaliable to both for not falling apart. But perhaps it is time to say bye bye to Mamata.

The question is whether a party with only 19 MP's should hold a larger party like the Congress with 205 MP's to

ransom? Do they have the mandate to do this. After all the mandate they have is less than 10% of what Congress has.

By this logic in every coalition, the largest partner will always be subject to political blackmail, whenever they want to take strong decisions as otherwisw they will not be able to retain majority and will go out of power.

Are the people of India voting in a fragmented style for maintaining a status quo in its economy and do not want any reforms to help trigger its growth. Does it mean splinter parties with 20 odd MP's will decide how this country has to be run and bigger parties with far larger mandate have only one job, to keep pandering to the whims and fancies of much smaller parties, just to retain power.

Many would say it is politics and every party has a right to furthur its reach by attacking or exploiting the weakness of other parties. 

But why are most of the parties in India wedded to the ideology of keeping the poor of India perenially poor. Is it because they lack mangement skills to run a advanced political system which is more transparent, just, more equitable and allows people to be their own masters without excess dependency on the politicians.

There seems to be a vested interest in keeping

large setions of India's masses poor. It gives the politicians a captive vote base to manipulate and keep giving hopes and in the bargain get their votes.In turn give them a few reservations and subsidise some of their essential expenditure on food and energy partially. But never strengthen them economically to be hundred percent free of these crunches.

After all, when all subsidies will be removed new wage levels will emerge to enable people to afford the foodgrainsand energy at increased price levels. A good government would increase the supply side and also number of suppliers to ensure competition which would keep prices in check and control.

But the wily politicians will collect funds from the very people they want to give patronage and will then distribute it as subsidy to a section they have kept economically weak. How long will they rob Ajay to pay to Vijay.

To defeat this game, the Indian voter must vote a single national party to a comfortable majority in the Parliament. Also it is time the subsidy recepients should start protesting at always being kept at poverty levels and being politically exploited.

Mamata should spend far more time in attracting investments into her state and improving the life of its citizens rather than worrying about a rupee here and a rupee there. She is not able to manage WB but wants to decide fate of Indians.

Manmohan Singh should not agree tomroll back any of the decisions he has taken except increase the number of subsidised cylinders from six to nine at the most. If Mamata comes back, fine , if not the also fine. The Ganges will continue to flow in both events.

Go Mamata go from the national scene.

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Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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