Time For Narender Modi To Come Clean

Why is a significant section of the media both print and electronic and a large section of the population against Narendra Modi? The recent split observations by the SIT and Amicus Curiae, Raju Ramchandaran has once again broghut Modi into focus. It is for the first time that a Supreme Court appointee has expressed the opinion that offences inter alia under Sections 153A91)9a) & (b),153B(1)(c),166 and 505(2) of the IPC can be made out against  Modi.Is it now time for Narender Modi to come clean.

The issue on hand is the alleged illegal instructions Modi is said to have given at a high

level meeting held at about 11.00 pm on 27.02.2002 at his residence, to senior police officers and bureaucrats "not to deal with the Hindu roiting mobs",as sated by Ramchandran in his final report to the Supreme Court.. On this day, in the early morning, more than 50 unfortunate passengers, many of them karsevaks returning from Ayodhya, were allegedly burnt to death in the S-6 compartment of the Sabarmati Express on way to Ahmedabad, by allegedly Muslim mobs, a few distance from the Godhara railway station. This act enraged the Hindus in Gujarat and was to lead to a massive retaliation in which more than 1100 persons both Hindus and Muslims lost their lives.

Did Modi issue such illegal instruction or not is an important fact that needs to be established. Because  the  main grouse of the opponents of Modi is that he did not handle the post Godhra rioting and arson, in the worst communal carnage, in Gujarat effectively and is alleged to have behaved as a leader of only Hindus and also made the law enforcing agencies look the other way when minorities life and property was being attacked and damaged.

If it gets proved, then Modi's all India ambitions will receive a huge setback and he may not be able to come out of it ever. In Gujarat also he may find his hold weaken considerably . He

would also loose his, development oriented image, dented considerably. Above all it would be a moral defeat for him and his supporters.

The allegation that he did indeed issue such illegal instruction is being made by an IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who claims to have attended, the now infamous meeting on Feb 27,2002, in his capacity as ,the Deputy Commissioner( Intelligence), especially as his boss the ADGP(Intelligence) was on leave that day. Ramchandran goes on  to state in his report to the SC that there are no minutes of the meeting. Furthur he states that all the senior officers present in the meeting,when questioned later on,do not seem to recall Bhatt's presence or denied it categorically and also the alleged instruction by Modi.

It is for the court to now to decide whether Bhatt is a reliable witness or not, and furthur action can only then be decided. However the fact remains that even a decade after Godhra, a whloe host of issues still need to be resolved. At the centre of most of them is, Modi and his conduct, during the couple of days following the unfortunate train burning incident at Godhra. The politics of a whole decade in Gujarat is based on his behaviour and the stand he took in those few days. Only Modi knows the truth. Will he ever tell it in a manner that will convince even the affected persons and his political opponents. No one wants to hear his spokesman Jay Narayan Vyas at Gandhinagar or Smriti Irani or Miss Lekhi at Delhi shouting at the top of their voices or Arun Jaitley's legal defence. We want Narender Modi to come out clean. He owes it to Gujarat in particular and India in general.

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