Team Annaconda Or Team Anna

It had to happen sooner or later. Team Anna has finally targeted the Prime Minister. They are holding him responsible for not ,allegedly, conducting the auction of allotment of coal blocks and also not getting a Bill passed in the Lok Sabha, which would have made it mandatory to auction them, for nearly six years. In the process the government has suffered, a  loss of nearly Rs 1,80,000 crore,as is claimed to be concluded by CAG.

It is interesting to note that the CAG has so far not submitted its report to the government. However some portions of its draft report

have been leaked and this is the basis of  Team Anna's latest corruption allegations against the PM. Team Anna has now accused 15 ministers, including the PM, of being directly or indirectly involved in corruption.  

The PM has called allegations against himself as irresponsible and unfortunate and has offered to quit public life if these are proved. He also went on to make a significant statement "that the public should make up its mind whether this kind of politics will rule the roost in India". 

This is a very pertinent statement that the PM has made.Team Anna came together to fight for the passing of a Lokpal Bill as they had prepared. When this did not happen, they launched agitation aginst the government. The people gave them massive suppport. But when the Parlimentarians, passed a Bill, in the Rajya Sabha, differing in content than that proposed by Team Anna, they lost their sense of proportion and resorted to all  kinds of frustrated behaviour, which landed them into the fiasco at Mumbai.

Ever since, the different team members are speaking in different

voices. However one thing is coming out clearly that Team Anna members think, that what they think and say, is the only way to tackle corruption in the country and there is no other way. It is either our way or highway type of approach. They are not at all flexible to accomodate other views however right they may be.

Their language is now turning into humiliating and insulting the Congress and its allies. Team Anna members constantly give themselves self certificates of high morality but keep hurtling charges against PM and his ministers and when denied, challenge them to set up a investigation committee, consisting of judges who are also  suggested by them.They have now become the judges and prosecuters themselves. That the elected representatives, have a role to play, is dismissed by them because, they consider all politicians, to be corrupt  and untrustworthy.

The accusations they have levelled against an honest PM can  turn against them. People have now seen through their frustration and their need, to somehow succeed, at any cos,t against the government, is leading them to levelling wild and unsubstantiated charges. Like the Chief Minister of a developed State, they also believe, that, come what may, they should stay firm and never say sorry fo any wrong doing on their part. They feel, their job, is to go on stinging every one, they perceive, to be corrupt.

They have now earned the right to be called Team Annaconda rather than Team Anna.

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Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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