The Surprising State Assembly Election Results

The results of the recent election to the five state assemblies of UP,Punjab, Manipur,Uttrakhand and Goa are out. In Manipur it is Congress and in Goa it is BJP who have won the elections.. In the largest state of UP the Samajwadi Party(SP) is leading and has crossed the halfway mark of 202  seats. In Punjab the Akali Dal alongwith BJP has also crossed the halfway mark comfortably. In Uttrakhand however  it is a see saw battle between Congress and BJP to just reach the figure of 30 which is five below the half way figure of 35 seats.

What is the

message the voters are sending in these elections? It is loud and clear that the two national parties BJP and Congress do not count any longer in UP. In an increasing trend voters are favoring regional parties over national parties in state after state. In UP the ruling BSP a regional party has been replaced by another regional party the SP. In Punjab the ruling Akali Dal  a regional party has again been returned to power.

In far away Manipur the Congress has done very well and will be forming the Govt for trhe third time in a row. In Goa the BJP has emerged victorious and will be forming the Govt..In Uttrakhand the outcome is still uncertain and both Congress and BJP have a chance of forming the Govt. But surprisingly the honest Mr Khanduri the Chief Minister in the ougtoing BJP govt. has lost the elections.

The corruption ridden govt. of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) led by Mayawati has justifiably been thrown out by the voters in UP.She has been rightly punished for diverting huge public funds for erecting hundreds of statues of its party smbol the elephant and Dalit leaders. No one is against erecting statues of Dalit leaders,but,the massive funds used to do so could have been gainfully used for the welfare of living dalits and not on dead persons. She had also become arrogant and the govt was led by a handful of loyalists who must have said

what only pleased her so typical of sychophants.In the process it is the dalits whose faith has been betrayed.

Why have the UP voters chosen to support the SP in a massive way defies immidiate answers.Here was a party which five years back had been voted out because of the Goond raj it gave to the people of UP. Do voters have really short memories.More analysis needs to be done to understand this phenomenon.

The UP voters have squarely rejected the high profile campaign of Congress party led by Rahil Gandhi.It is clear he is seen as a representative of the corrupt UPA govt at the Centre of which his party is a dominant partner.Also his being a Non Resident Individual in UP made him an unapproachable outsider.The absence of a grassroot organisation in his party also meant that his untiring efforts could not be translated into votes.

But why have the UP voters rejected the BJP is worth probing.Here wa a party ruling in many states with a good record of good governance and having a good grassroot presence in UP(?), but still the voters rejected it. BJP must do chintan on this aspect.

It is now to be seen what will be the effect of the UP results on the Congress led  UPA govt. at the Centre. With an ally like Mamta and the failure to capture power in Goa,Punjab and dismal performance in UP the Congress is in for hard times.

Just when one would expect a pan Indian personality developing the inceasing victories by regional parties leading to a weak Centre is perhaps a matter of deep concern. The Indian voter has to start thinking and the political parties have to start to deliver their promises honestly.

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