Simple Measures To Avoid Back Pain

Many years back, the famous weekly magazine, Time, devoted one of its issues to back pain and highlighted it on its cover page also. The incidence of back pain is very widespread in humans throghout the world. Generaly it affects people over thirty but nowadays it is reported that young persons in their twenties are also suffering from it.

Any physical action can trigger back pain. I once bent to pick up a library book from the lower rack and upon standing up suffered a click sound in the lower back. I had to be away from work for a few

days. Another time, a change in my office chair triggered a severe pain in my back. It gradually went away by my resitting on my old chair. Perhaps my back had taken the shape of the old chair and did not like adjusting to the contours of the new chair, which incidentally  was given to me on my better entitlement because of getting a promotion. 

Another time I suffered a back ache was when I listened to the friendly advice of many well wishers, that I should start doing some exercises every day to remain fit. The exercises of the very first day resuilted in my back protesting and I had to suffer back pain for the next few days.

A little research has shown that most of the back pain occurs in the lower back in the area known as the lumbar region. Most of the time it is due to inflammation in the muscles around the spinal chord cartiledges. The treatment therefore consists of such medicines either applied externally or taken internally which are anti-inflammatory in nature. These help in reducing the swelling and the pain starts subsidising. Hot and cold massages can also help reduce swelling in many cases and in many persons.

If pain persists some physiotherapy exercises under medical supervision can effectively help in pain

reduction. These days complete bed rest is not advised as it is felt that the back should be in motion to keep it functional. Massages can give temporary relief.

However the best guard against getting back pain is proper sitting posture. The more the spinal chord remains straight while sitting the less are the chances of getting back pain.These days many companies are giving their employees ergonomically designed chairs, which keep the spinal chord well supported and help in avoiding the incidence of getting back pain. I have personally experienced the beneficial use of such chairs. If one does lot of sitting work on computers and desk work at home, it is definitely a wise investment in investing in an ergonomic chair.

While driving a small pillow should be kept as support to the back in the drivers seat. It helps to give support to the lower back and thus like in the ergonomic chair helps to reduce strain on the back considerably.

The above simple measures will help majority of persons to avoid getting back pain or the attack will be minimal and recovery faster.

It is reported that nine out of ten adult persons worldwide at some time or the other are going to suffer from back pain. Also fifty percent people suffer from back pain every year. It is also one of the top five reasons why people go to physicians. many mandays are lost due to back ache. So chances of getting back pain some time or the other are very high.

It therefore makes lot of sense to take simple measures to keep one's back supported and straight to redeuce or avoid or delay the incidence of back pain. Good luck.

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