Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi Is Worth Watching For Farah Khan

The unanimous view of almost everyone who came out after watching Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi (SFKTNP), was that Farah Khan the female lead should have made her debut at least ten years ago and not today. For a change, here was a movie which had a middle aged hero romancing a equally middle aged heroine and what is important  the audience lapped it up.

Boman Irani is one of Bollywood's most accomplished actors and can carry off any role, he is required to perform. He lives his role with a perfection one has come to expect from him. But

the real surprise is Farah Khan. That she could act with dignity, grace and in a mischievous style is a real revealation. She too carries her role with equal aplomb and matches Boman act to act and scene to scene.

The story revolves around the efforts of others to bring together a single Boman and the forty something Farah so that they live happily ever after. The story goes thru twists and humourous episodes

and all ends well.

The light hearted romance between middle aged lovers is well directed and keeps the audience involved. The music compliments the story. The story is based on both the middle aged characters being Parsis. The community is well known for its Dhanshak, humour and typical life style and also late marraiges. All this is brought out very well in the movie.

All in all SFKTNP is  light hearted entertainment with good acting by both Boman Irani and Farah Khan. They are ably supported by yesteryear character actors like Shammi.

Such movies act as a good foil to high profile and high pitched movies like Ek Tha Tiger and provide an oppurtunity to the viewer to see alternate stuf which is equally enjoyable.

SFKTNP should do reasonably good business at the box office and Farah Khan can look forward to more roles coming her way. 

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