Shah Rukh Khan The Don Of Controversies

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) has once again got involved in an avoidable controversy. Coming after a spirited victory by his KKR cricket team over a strong team like Mumbai Indians, it has removed the focus from the team’s performance to SRK’s antics both inside and outside the Wankhede stadium.

SRK had already courted a controversy in the ongoing IPL, by openly smoking in public, at the Mansingh cricket stadium in Jaipur. There is also the charge that his house Manat in Mumbai has allegedly violated building norms. Sha Rukh Khan is becoming the 'Don' of controversies.

What is it that makes the

stars and other famous figures behave in such erratic manner in public. Why are they so insensitive to the very public due to whose adultation they are where they are. Some time back one saw Saif Ali Khan in a fight with a senior citizen in a famous five star hotel in Mumbai. Next day he was both apologetic and defensive of his behaviour.

Coming to SRK’s behaviour at the Wankhede stadium, he was alleged to be in a drunken state. Should a star figure like him go in such state to a public place where fans will surely mob him. It clearly shows that stars simply do not bother about the feelings of their fans and others. Secondly he was entering into the stadium when the match was already over and it was being closed. When stopped by a security person SRK is reported to have rebuked him by allegedly demanding to know who can stop him from entering the stadium. When an official of the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA), owners of the stadium ,intervened to state that the security man was doing his duty ,SRK is reported to have said “this city belongs to him and no one can stop him”. Afterwards the senior officials of the MCA have stated that SRK resorted to abusive language and people accompanying him

also misbehaved. The officials then decided to lodge a police complaint at around 1.30 am at the Marine Line police station.

Another version says that when SRK reached the stadium, a female fan approached him for an autograph and when he asked her which team she supported, she said Mumbai Indians. This is alleged to have provoked him into subsequent misbehaviour.

Now what exactly happened will be difficult to establish. As often happens in our country, the famous persons ‘manage’ to come out unscathed from such situations. A helpful police, a cooperative administration, the extraordinarily lengthy judicial processes, a pliable media and smart lawyers will ensure that the celebraties are neither prosecuted or punished. Does anyone remember what happened in the Saif Ali Khan case. When will judgement come in the Salman Khan case of allegedly shooting a protected animal in Rajasthan.

But what is distressing to note is that the stars are not able to control their behaviour in public. Perhaps they know that the chances of their prosecution and subsequent punishment are next to nil and therefore they can get away with howsoever obnoxious behaviour, Also in a star struck country their fans see them in real life as they portray themselves in ‘reel’ on the screen.

Whatever SRK might say, he has lost a lot from his reputation, and a severe and permanent dent is created in his image. No longer will he command the same adultation. If he could not control his urge to smoke in public or control his tounge again in public,even if the law were not to catch him, a lot of his fans would have silently ticked him off. The question is does the fabulously rich SRK care or bother.

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