Sachin To Bat In Rajya Sabha

The nomination of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar to the Rajya Sabha by the President has opened a can of worms. Suddenly it has become such hot topic that since last two three days every body is only discussing it. The only person whose opinion matters is silent and playing his game.Rest everyone is busy trying to understand the hidden agenda behind his nomination.

After having achieved the milestone of scoring his 100th 100 it was widely expected that he will receive some form of recognition from the Govt. which would be on behalf of the people of India. There was a widespread

demand that he should be awarded the Bharat Ratna. This move had the backing of most of the politicians and other eminent persons and groups.However the government has considered it wise to first give him a Rajya Sabha membership in the eminent persons category.As is well known the President can nominate upto 12 members under the eminent persons category to the Rajya Sabha.

At 39 years age Sachin is too young to be awarded the Bharat Ratna which is given to someone who has spent a lifetime in the service of a profession and brought glory and fame to it, himself and the nation. After his retirement one expects that Sachin will pay back to cricket in many ways and this contribution will also count in his eligibility for the Bharat Ratna. The highest honour of the country is not to be encashed but to be relished when one has reached a mature age, usually beyond retirement and a greatful nation bestows it with gratitude. In demanding the Bharat Ratna the politicians were trying to corner the ruling party knowing fully well that it is too early for Sachin to be recieving it.

Therefore when the government, read the Congress party, came up silently with the offer of membership of Rajya Sabha, the opposition parties were bowled a unplayable googly.Now they are crying foul. The reactions vary from the CPM saying that Ganguly should have been nominated to Shiv Sena saying that there is some understanding between Sachin and the Congress

President. Even a few ex-cricketers like Manjrekar are not happy at Sachin accepting the membership of the Rajya Sabha.However overall the response has been positive.

What is worrying many is the fact will he be able to attend the Parliament looking to the fact that he is still a formidable member of the Test and One Day cricket teams. As one paper has put it today, last year ,he was on the road for 216 days , so when will he attend to his duties as a MP.But when Sachin accepted to be nominated,all this and other considerations must have been weighed by him and his near and dear ones.So let us grant it to him that he has taken a well thought out decision. Perhaps he may withdraw from one form of the game and play only in domestic matches in the other form. It is for him to decide.

Another worry of the opposition is that the ruling Congress will use him to capture votes in the next Lok Sabha elections. Nothing could be more insulting to the Indian voter.Will people vote en masse for the Congress simply because Sachin has been made a member of the Parliament.

The nomination should be seen as a way of honouring Sachin for his glorious cricketing achievments and giving him a respectable platform to contribute to furthuring the cause of all sports in the country and also filling the quota of eminent persons with a truly desrving personality.

Time to  turn to the other equally glamorous personalities, film star Rekha and Annu Agha an accomplished businesswoman who are also nominated, but let us not say, that only' Maharashtrians' have been nominated. That would be belittling ourselves.

Let Sachin show how to bat straight,Rekha show  how to genuinely act and Annu Agha show how to conduct business ethically to the political class. That will be their lasting contribution.

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