Sachin, Anand, Dhoni, Gambhir : Humble Achievers And Able Leaders

It was very refreshing to see Sachin Tendulkar take oath as a Rajya Sabha member in the chamber of the Vice President, without much fanfare. His pleasant looking wife was by his side. After the ceremony, he stated he can now do something for not only cricket, but all sports in the country. Many persons have criticised the decision to nominate Sachin to the Rajya Sabha, including Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thackeray. But now it is a reality.

Viswanathan ' Vishy ' Anand,  arrived in Chennai, after winning the World Chess Title, for the fifth time, by defeating Boris Gelfland of

Israel in Moscow. Skeptics, including ex-world champion Gary Kasporov, had expressed doubts about Vishy's playing skills and rated his chances of winning on the lower side, especially now that he was around 42 years of age. In interactions with the media, Anand has stated that his age has nothing to do with his form and abilities. He was up against a very good player and truthfully stated that the match couid have gone equally in favour of Gelfland. He furthur stated, that, he was still hungry for more tites and will continue to play.

M S Dhoni was seen on other fields than the cricket field for a welcome change. It was very pleasing to see him in a Lt Colonel's uniform interacting with our troops in the J& K front. He will also be going to Siachin. It was very uplifting to knowl that, after he quits cricket, he wants to do something for the armed forces. His charming smile showed that he was genuinely enjoying meeting the army jawans posted on the borders.

Last week, Gautam Gambhir, was also on many channels, discussing, his teams victory in the IPL. It was nice to see him occasionally smile. It was very well expressed by him, when he said, that ,it is the team which makes the captain and not the other way round. He was like a good team leader, acknowledging the contributions of his team mates, in finishing at the top of a

taxing tournament, played in peak summer temperatures.

It was very refreshing to see these four stalwarts of the sports fraternity express themselves, at crucial moments in their sporting careers. While Sachin acknowledged the fact that his rise is due to cricket, but, upon becoming an MP, broadened his area from only cricket, to all the country's other sports. There can not be a better ambassdor for Indian sports in the country's Parliament.

Anand has brought laurels to India ever since  he started playing in International Chess Tournaments and became the World Champion for the first time in 2000. His humility and level headed approach, has made him a legend and he has inspired millions of Indians to start playing chess. He still has oppurtunities ahead of him.

Dhoni hails from a humble background and has been leading Indian cricket teams for some years now. Under him the test team has become no 1 in ranking and also won the one day World Cup last year. He is the type of leader, modern India, wants to see in all walks of life. Unassuming, hard working, leading from the front and not boasting of his achievments.

Gambhir has shown that he can overcome the negative feelings, by being removed as vice captain of the Indian Team by leading KKR to a magnificent victory. He has thus shown, the capability to rise to the occassion, inspite of adverse conditions. A fighting spirit.

In a week that saw the Prime Minister and 14 of his ministers being accused of corruption, the rupee sinking to a new low against the dollar, the GDP registering its lowest growth rate in five years, it was very uplifting to see and hear these four wonderful sports persons giving hope and cheer  to an otherwise worried nation. 

Sachin, Anand, Dhoni and Gambhir have truly shown that they are not only humble achievers but able leaders also.

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