Recent Developments On Corruption Front In India.

The euphoria generated by Anna's fast for Lokpal, sometime back has now given way to the gloomy prospect of  India's  Home Minister possibly being involved in the popularly known as 2G scam. What a fall from the lofty Nehruvian days of self sacrificing politicians to current crop of self  enriching polticians.

There are two set of politicians worth watching these days. One is the UPA politicians and the other are the BJP politicians from Gujarat. The UPA 's partner DMK party from Chennai has  both, its Minister , A Raja and party President M Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimoi, an MP, in Tihar  jail in Delhi .The third

member Dayanidhi Maran had to recently  resign for his alleged involvment in the scam. Around 3 to 4 Govt officers are also jailed. The top honchos of a few "reputed " telecom companies are also giving them company in Tihar jail. Now there is hue and cry by the opposition for the resignation and arrest of the Home Minister for his alleged role in thre scam. He is the first Congress politician being accused of being a party to the scam which as per the CAG has led to a revenue loss of Rs 1,76,000 crores. Already another Congress stalwart .Kalmadi along with various officials is cooling his heels in Tihar jail.

In Gujarat, the Minister of State for Home, Amit Shah, has been arrested and is now not permitted to enter the state. Around a dozen or so senior police officials are behind bars for their alleged involvment in fake encounters following the infamous communal riots in 2002. The Supreme Court is frequently required to intervene and monitor the progress of various  riot related cases. A Commission of Enquiry is deliberating the causes of the riots since last ten years. The

CM of the state Narendra Modi instead of feeling low has successfully managed to deflect the attention from him being held  responsible to projecting himself as a possible candidate for the post of PM in the 2014  Parliamentary elections,on the pretext that the State has seen good development in the last few years. The BJP leadership is trapped to support him at the expense  L K Advani.

The BJP is demanding the resgnation of the PM also for the 2G scam but has no hesitation in singing praises of their party's CM in Gujarat. inspite of  unresolved issues under his leadership, all these years..

If development is to be the only criterion for a leader's  elevation then why should the PM or his Cabinet Ministers resign for the country has seen the ever highest  8%+ growth rate in the last  few years under his leadership.

It is here where the relevance of Anna's battle against corruption becomes important. Does corruption mean only financial corruption of which the Congress and DMK  politicians are accused of. Or does it also cover moral corruption  of which the BJP leadership in Gujarat is accused of. How can either form be condoned. How can Congress accuse Modi and support its own  members and how can BJP accuse Congress and support its own leadership in Gujarat.

The country needs more Anna Hazares at the helm otherwise simply  oneform  corruption will be replaced by another form.

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