Reasons For Corruption In India

Why is corruption so widespread in India? What are the reasons for corruption in India? Perhaps there is no Indian who does not have a story to tell about him or her, having to bribe someone in authority. Why does the fact, that the bribe taker is looked down in society, does not act as a deterent ? Why is the bribe taker not afraid of punishment ? Why is the corrupt official not ashamed to face his/her spouse and their children?

Corruption has been institutionalised in India since a long time now. It was prevalant before the British came to

rule India. In fact, they used it effectively and promoted it to devalue the morals of Indians. After independence, the corruption has spread like a disease in all sections of Indian society.

What are some of the reasons for corruption being so widely prevalent in the country?

One of the main reason is the custom in our religon whereby, we promise to make an offering in  cash or kind to God if what we ask of him, materialises. This reinforces the belief  in the person, that if he gives money, his work will be done, otherwise not. So people are willing to pay a bribe and this is taken advantage of by smart government officials.

The second reason is lack of faith in government official's ability to act honestly and the simultaneous lack of patience in the common persons. Thus speed money is demanded by the offcials, to even do their duties for which they recieve salary from the government.

Another reason is our social customs. The

dowry system is a very important reason, why many fathers resort to taking bribes, so that they can amass enough dowry amount to marry their daughters. The amount of dowry in cash and kind keeps increasing every year and is also a main reason of the sad practice of female infanticide.

Till sometime back especially at lower levels, government employees were not paid sufficiently and thus resorted to illegal gratification to make extra money. But now the employees are paid good salaries, but old habits die hard and extra money is always welcome.

Furthur, the fact that hardly anyone gets caught or punished, removes the fear in the bribe taker. The higher the post the bribe taker holds, the less are his chances of being caught or punished. It is distressing to see, high officials holding positions of trust, resorting to illegally amassing wealth by abusing their position.

Finally there are politicians who resort to corruption, by selling favours or by twisting policies to enrich themselves. In the process the State resources are robbed and revenue loses occur. Again the politicians are misusing their position of trust. Hardly one or two politicians have been convicted so far.

How long will the common Indian continue to suffer corruption even God will not be able to answer, even if a handsome offering is made to him. Hope Anna is able to achieve something tangible from his anti corruption agitation.

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