Rahul Gandhi -- When People Want Maruti, Why Fiat Or Ambassador Is Offered

The decision by Rahul Gandhi that he is ready for a bigger role in both the Congress party and the government, has sent the Congress men and women into a welcoming mode. Every leader of the party, of any worth, is issuing staements supporting Rahul's decision. But is Rahul the only leader in the Congress party worthy of such accolades and blind support. Why is he being supported even though he has no worthy record of any significant achievments to show.

He is being heralded as the country's youth leader without a following. He is being portrayed as a great leader

without any leadership role till now. He is expected to lead the party in 2014 elections, after having lost all state elections fought under his leadership and direction.

His vested supporters are now saying that defeat tempers a leader and it is counted as learning experience. These leaders are also now tomtomming the idea that Indians are lucky that they have 'democratic dynasities'  which keep going to the people for votes in election after election. The best example is the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, whose one member Indira Gandhi was once defeated in the elections. 

The malady of dynasities is there in all the political parties except perhaps the Communists. The representative of Shiv Sena in a recent TV discusssion, outright refused to agree that his party was run by a dynasty, even when the grandson was also recently inducted as a youth leader. The NCP supremo has his daughter and nephew in politics because of his clout. The Akali Dal has the Badals father,son,daughter in law, brothers etc ruling Punjab.The DMK in Tamil Nadu has all the Karunanidhis including the cousin Marans enjoying power. The Samajwadi Party has recently seen the inexperienced son takeover from the father in UP. One Patnaik gave way to another in Orissa. The third generation of Abdullahs is ruling J&K with pleasure. Lalu Yadav making way for his wife was seen by all. All of them are ruling because they are elite members of the  democratic dynasties.

The moment someone in the family becomes a politician of some standing, all his efforts are, to

then convert his family into yet another democratic dynasty. The Indian voter can be trusted for extending his support, not once but repeatedly. This gives a legitimacy to the dynasties.

Therefore Rahul is assured of any post he desires, at his time of choosing and irrespective of his past record. This is because he is the incoming generation of India's first democratic dynasty. That, he is the fifth generation starting from Motilal Nehru, gives the dynasty a very firm footing in Indian politics. In the supporting cast are Digvijay Singh, Moily, Janardhan Diwedi, Salman Khurshid and is there any one not in the supporting role, please raise your hand?  Even the PM has said he will vacate his chair when the heir is ready to take over.

So India will continue to be ruled by members of the democratic dynasities with the permission and support of the Indian voters. After all don't Pakistanis support the Bhutto dynasty, the Bangladeshis the Mujib dynasty or the Americans the Bush and Kennedy and Clinton dynasties. 

We are therforevery very lucky that in 65 years of our democracy we have produced a large number of democratic dynasties. We are also immensely greatful to them, that every 5 years, they offer themselves for reelection, which we support because of their great leadership qualities and the sacrifices they have made for the country.

The only problem is that there could be many more in the country ,capable of better leadership qualities. However the politicians have ensured, that the voter has a choice like,till the mid nineteen eighties, when, if you did not like a Fiat car you could go far Ambassdor or vice versa. But when Maruti came, see how there is the  auto revolution in India. The democratic dynasties are the Fiats and Ambassdors of  Indian politics. From where  and when will a political Maruti emerge 

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