Quit Smoking The Easy Way

As someone who gave up smoking five years ago, after being a smoker for nearly forty years, I feel I qualify to write on the subject of anti smoking with some authority and experience.

These days when I see a person smoking, there is a tremendous urge in me to advise him to stop smoking. However I hold back myself. it has become painful for me to see so many persons smoking especially the young ones. I feel like counselling them to give up the activity. However I hold back myself.

The reason I do not approach these smokers is because I

am convinced they would not listen to me or my advice to quit smoking. I myself was like that when I was a smoker. Anyone telling me to quit would get a polite smile and a thank you for the good advice. I remember once angrily telling someone that I am burning my money what is his problem. I started avoiding smoking in front of persons who would advice me to give it up. This was a period when I was young and was indeed enjoying smoking. The kick I got from each puff was an experience. A smoke after lunch, post dinner, post a meeting and in a restaurant were especially important.

Soon smoking became my neccessity. Rain or burning heat I would go miles  to get my quota of cigarettes. I would make sure I had enough of these if I was in an odd place. In any new place I would look out for a safe place to smoke. Every one knew I had my times for having a smoke. Soon I started smoking in my office cabin. The tobacco smell would put people off but I was least bothered. Smoking had taken total control of me.

In my third decade of smoking I started feeling its

adverse effects on my body. I had a persistent cough. I constantly needed to clear my throat. My nasal passages would be blocked almost all the time. I started getting tired of simple physical activities. I would run out of breath when climbing stairs. I could feel a rush in my blood flow when I used to take the initial puffs.  I also started having sleeping problems. Overall my health started falling. I was listless most of the time. The only time I would feel good was for a few minutes after a smoke. I had now hopelessly become dependent on smoking to feel normal.

A debate started within me. Health or cigarettes. It went on for nearly five to six years. Such was the hold of smoking. I started to feel more tired than usual. I started comparing myself with persons of my age and found them to be far fitter health wise. It was obvious, smoking was damaging my health.

One day, I on a sudden impulse decided to give up smoking. I avoided all places associated with smoking. It was difficult, but I was determined. By grace of a God I succeeded. Today it is up five years since I gave the obnoxious habit of smoking. I have recovered my health. No longer I have a persistent cough. No longer do I feel tired all the time. I can walk long distances without feeling breathless. I wake up fresh.

I request all readers of this column who are smokers to immidiately  give up smoking. No debates. Just give up. Feel the difference and you will be glad you gave up smoking. It really is simple.Try it and all the best. 

Article Written By vks1000

Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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