How To Be A Good And Effective Manager

With the rapid expansion of business in India over the last decade, there is often the need felt for good managers. The mushrooming of management colleges churning out MBA’s, literally, by the thousands has made it more difficult to separate the chiff from the chaff. Are managers born or can they be made in colleges? The answer is perhaps both are possible.What are the qualities of a good and effective manager?

A person can become a good manager,but, he will be considered successful only if he is an effective manager. Such managers are now called professional managers. In today’s highly competitive

environment, a professional manager is continuously expected, to deliver right every time. A task too difficult in reality but worth trying.

A professional manager is required to operate, both, within his area of control and outside of it. He may be a qualified person or one with years of practical experience. A professional manger always keeps the organizational goal in mind and uses it as a guide to achieve the desired objectives. He accepts the responsibility for performance of activities under his control.

A professional manger has to act as an agent of change. They have to effectively introduce changes in the organization as far as possible with consensus.

The manager has to device ways and means of coping with rising employee aspirations . The employees of today are knowledge workers and want more autonomy, money, status and are full of self esteem. The professional manager has to manage the knowledge workers skillfully and ensure the longevity of these employees with the organization. Even in good firms, the rate of attrition, is now on the increase. Employees today want a good and varied

experience at the work place.

The manager is today required to ethically balance, between, the genuine requirements, of the customer, the expectation of increased profits/dividends by the company’s shareholders, the ever rising demands of the employees, fair treatment by suppliers, of giving good margins to the distributors & retailers, of cooperation expected by the industry and competition, of enhanced participation in decision making by the employees union, of the need to pay timely taxes and duties to the government and the societal responsibility of nonpollution and safe operations.

A professional manager is thus required to possess multi management skills like planning, organizing, leading, controlling, decision making, initiative taking etc. He is required to have these skills in varying degrees as he rises from a first level to a middle level and then to a top level manager. As he rises in the hierarchy, he also is gaining valuable experience, which shall help him, in effective discharge of his responsibilities.

Thus in today’s knowledge based competitive environment a fresh manager needs to come with a basic knowledge of various management techniques and in combination with experience gathered can become a very effective professional manager. One who is born with managerial qualities can become a much better manager with proper education and one with less education can become equally a good manager with experience.

The Indian business environment today affords enough challenges to the multiskilled manager to both contribute and rise to the top rapidly. 

Article Written By vks1000

Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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