Porngate In India

A few days back three BJP members of the Karnataka assembly were caught viewing pornographic material on the mobile while the assembly was in session.It created a nationwide furore. Just when it was becoming stale, news comes of two members again belonging to the BJP , allegedly caught watching porn on an ipad, in the Gujarat assembly. There is again indignation in the media and the conduct of these porn watchers has become talk of the town. Why were these members watching porn in the assembly. Perhaps they thought it was the most safe place and no one,especially their wives,

would ever come to know. As luck would have it, now not only their wives, but, the whole world knows.

Were by any chance they porn addicts?

Porn addiction is defined, as dependency on pornography, resulting in obsessive viewing,reading,constantly thinking about pornography and sex leading to the neglect of other aspects of life. With the availibility of internet,online porn is now available any time and anywhere. Nowadys the phenomenon of internet addiction is also increasingly spreading through out the world. When both internet and porn addiction come together in an individual, he looses control over his actions. Like a drug addict must have his dose when the urge arises, the porn addict also must view porn when the urge to do so arises. The avalibilty of internet connectivity devices like mobiles and ipads, make it easy to fulfil this need any time anywhere.

A sex addict needs a real

body.but,the porn addict needs only a screen.

Coming back to the members watching porn inside the assembly, it surely is a serious matter. It clearly shows that they are not interested in the House proceedings and a need of such intensity has arisen in them that they must fulfill it,even inside the assembly hall,where many persons could be watching them. Thus they have clearly demonstrated that between their legislative duties and need to watch porn it is the latter which is more dominant. Can such members be trusted that they will discharge their obligations, to the people who elected them, in a fair manner .If they can't restrain their urge to watch porn in a' sacred' place like the assembly,can they behave in a mature manner.

It is furthur distressing that their party is supporting them by resorting to frivilous technical issues in order to save them. Instead they should be dealt with very firmly so that an example can be set, not only for the elected members but also the general public, that porn cannot be watched in public places.

While the country is fighting corruption at high places,now comes the open and brazen viewing of porn in the temples of democracy. What a fall in moral standardsof elected members in Karnataka and Bapu's Gujarat.

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