Poor Sarabjit Singh !!

It has just been reported that the order to attack Sarabjit Singh was issued by a police superintendent. This has been stated by the two jail inmates who attacked Sarabjit Singh. This  clearly indicates the involvment of such elements officially or otherwise who have with impunity once again harmed India and Indians. 

Such is the level of hatred towards India and Indians in significant sections of Pakistani society that they do not hesitate to brutalise Indians whenever they get an opportunity to do so. It is epitomised by the state level agencies acting in league with non state agencies from time

to time. When the dastardly act iscarried out the non state agencies are blamed and Pakistan government shamelessly says that they are not under their control. 

The Kashmir issue is always used to justify hostile acts against India and Indians. In the present case also it is said that Sarabjit was attacked to avenge the hanging of Afzal Guru sometime back. By deflecting the responsibility the Pakistani government gets away from any need to take action on these anti india elements. This has  been now happening with alarming regularity.

Poor Sarabjit. Is he dead or alive ? He is reported to be clinically dead and is on ventilator. Permission is being sought from his sister and wife who along with his two daughters are presently in Lahore. They are planning to return to India tomorrow as there

is nothing they can do by staying in Lahore. The Pakistanis  are not going to help them as is their wont.

The Pakistani leaders shamlessly visit India to pay their respects at Ajmer Dargah. As a return gift they behead our soldiers, kill Chamel Singh and now carry out a deadly attack on Sarabjit Singh. From time to time incidents take place in Kashmir. Pakistan establishment supports agencies hostile to India to harm and humiliate India and Indians.

How will the Indian State and Indians react to this barbaric act against Sarbjit Singh. Chances are that the powers to be may not be aware of this incident because they are busy with coalgate and 2ggate and CBI's independance issues. The principle opposition party is busy stalling the Parliament. The Indians are busy with IPL. and corruption. The Pakistanis and Chinese are making most of the situation in the country. 

Poor Sarabjit. However hats off to his sister Dalbir Kaur who needs to be appreciated for her courageously fighting for his unfortunate brother all these years. We hang our heads in shame at not being able to save her brother.The Pakistanis could not hang him so they got him killed and thus saw to it that he does not return alive to India.

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