Poor Railway Minister Being Shown No Mamata.

In the Indian theater of  political absurd, the Lady from Kolkatta has once again played her role true to her reputation. The Railway Minister from her party the TMC, had not even finished presenting the Railway Budget for the year 2012-13, that the Lady struck first thru her MPs in Delhi and then herself as the day proceeded.

In an otherwise balanced Budget, the Minister proposed a small rise in the passenger fares,for the  first time in 8 years. It was by all accounts not at all a populist budget and spoke of the difficulties the railways are facing and  the need

to take steps to overcome them.Instead of appreciating that here was pragmatic person who did not play to the galleries, he has been decimated by his own party colleagues and his own party leader.

Why does the Lady always behave contrary to accepted norms of reaction and behaviour. Why does she keep herself in news good or bad everyday, ever since she came to power a few months back. Her victory against the Comminists in West Bengal was truly a significant achievment. But it seems to have had the opposit effect on herself and her party. She now has assumed thye role of an permanently injured martyr who constantly is in search of  causes to shout and fight for eveyday of the year.She has conveniently given the excuse of no funds available with her for improving the conditions in West Bengal. Now she is into blaming the Centre for all the future questions that people of Bengal will ask her for not living upto their expectations.

It is unheard of a leader disowning his/her own party minister within minutes of him presenting the budget and advising that he be replaced immidiately.The poor minister was not even given a few hours to enjoy his having presented his first ever budget in the Indian Parliament.

Why does the TMC

cheif behave in this manner almost always. Is she a permanent rebel in search of a cause because this is the route she has travelled all thru her life and managed to reach Writers Building in Kolkatta. If she continues this way the day is not far away when she will become a rebel without a cause and will be fighting imaginary Don Quixto type battles with nonexistant windmills.The moment Congress is able to finalise with either BSP or SP that will be the end of her importance in national politics.She will be then reduced to a regional strap.

It would do the politics tremendous good if she becomes  more responsible in her actions and reactions and behaves in a mature manner. If she loves the aam aadmi so much then why has she not opposed the steep rise in freight fare hike by the railways a few days before the rail Budget.The rise in transportation of essential and other goods makes the aam aadmi pay continously forever a high cost compared to travelling in trains and bearing the additional cost once a while.The protest is simply a ploy to show how concerend is she for the common man when reality is exactly the opposite. The agenda is personal and the cause is public.

 The public does not always see redas TMC does but knows what is happening. It has the patience even if it means waiting for five years to rectify its mistake.

Poor Dinesh Trivedi is a classical scapegoat being sacrificed without any mamata for the sake of maa,mati amd manush. Seems so poetic but is it so in reality.

Would Mamata Banerji change?

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