Password Selection Tricks

Passwords are used to hinder the unauthorized use of your system. Everyone is different from other therefore their thinking are also different from each other. Computer users use different passwords. I use some unique passwords. These passwords create confusions. These require explanation to understand. Following are the top ten passwords which create confusion for the listeners and after explanation they become my fan.

1) Pleasetellme                                          Listners treat it as         Please tell me
2) Donotaskme  

                                        Listners treat it as         Do not ask me
3) doyouwanttoknowmypassword          Listners treat it as         Do you want to know my password
4) ishalltellyoulater                                     Listners treat it as         I shall tell you later
5) ihaveforgotten                                         Listners

treat it as         I have forgotten
6) mymemoryisnotworking                       Listners treat it as        My memory is not working
7) Listenattentively                                     Listners treat it as         Listen attentively
8) whyareyouaskingmypassword          Listners treat it as         Why are you asking my password
9) password                                               Listners treat it as         password
10) askanythingelse                                 Listners treat it as          Ask any thing else

I hope you understand the idea behind the password. Normally listeners think these are not passwords. Therefore, I think these are unique passwords. Even you speak these passwords but normally people do not understand. I hope you have got my idea.


Please tell me your favourite password

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