Nirmal Baba Tussi Great Ho

Since the last few days,it is Nirmal Baba and his Nirmal Darbar, that is on the TV channels or in the print media. Here is a classical example of gullible masses too willing to be duped,in the hope that their problems will get resolved in the bargain. Hats off to Nirmal baba for coming out with the perfect idea which will make him a crorepati without too much hassle or bother.By his own admission, in an interview to a TV channel, he stated that his Darbar's turn over last year was around Rs 268 crores and what is important he pays

Income Tax on it.

The baba was born as Nirmaljit Singh Nirula, in 1952,in the village of Samana near Patiala,india.Since 1970 he is a resident of Jharkhand where he tried hands at  busineses like running a brick kiln and a cloth shop.Both these ventures failed. By 1980 he was a failed person. but luck was on his side, for soon, thereafter he acquired extraordinary divine powers.

He nowadays holds Samagams, where every person pays a minimum entry fee of Rs 2000. The samagams are booked till end August,2012. In these samagams the devotees tell their experiences of diffficult situations from which they extracted themselves only when they remembered the baba and then they profusely thank him.In this manner devotee after devotee comes on the mike and narrates his or her story and how by merely remembering or taking the name of baba their miseries evaporated and they are thyerefore extremely grateful tohim.

These samagams are shown on nearly 35 TV channels and suddenly everyone has discovered the baba. Large number of people are finding the whole drama as artificial and as has almost always happened in the past the babas and their henchmen are only after money.By creating an image of a faith healer, the

gullible are lured into these gettogethers and made to part with their money. In return they get the assurance that their problems will soon be over.

It is the ease with which these babas are able to make large number of persons to part with their hard earned money that in itself is most fascinating. A person will not pay even Rs10 to the needy and hungary but is ready to pay Rs 2000 or more to attend a samagam. The hold of these babas on large section of our society is simply amazing and evades rational understanding.

Even the threat of legal action does not deter the devotees from following the babas and they will go to any length to defend them how so  irrational the argument maybe.Even the imposition of the dasmandi ie payment of one tenth of one's income to the baba after their problems are resolved does not deter devotees .That case have been filed against the baba by persons who claim to be duped by him does not matter  to the devotees. That the police are investigating him is also of no concern to his growing army of followers.


However Nirmal baba has definately shown how easy it is to become a crorepati in India if you have mastered the technique of marketing hope.No doubt one can't help but exclaim,Nirmal baba tussi great ho.

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