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Nirmal Baba Tussi Gayab Ho Gaye Ho
Published By vks1000 on 2012-06-17 696 Views

Nirmal Baba -where are you? After appearing on more than 25 TV channels thru sponsored advertisements, and follow up interviews, Nirmal Baba seems to have vanished. Indeed, Nirmal Baba, tussi gayab ho gaye ho. But, one must salute him for the entertainment he provided to millions of TV viewers. Wonder what were the TRP's of his shows.

Just imagine thousands of people are ready to pay Rs 4000 and more per person to listen to bizzare solutions to their problems. Also, Nirmal Baba is bold enough to put such programs on TV and still, people flock to hear him. One has to say,  the baba is a great marketeer. Budding MBA's should take lessons from him. Some of his gems of solutions are reproduced below.

Where are you coming from? Darjeeling, Babaji. Bhai yeh chai kyon samne aa rahi hai?Last kabh aapne darjeeling chai pee thi. Karib aek mahina pehle, babaji.   Bhai isi liye to kripa nahi ho rahi hai. Jayiye aur darjeeling chai pee jiye aur 10-15 garib logon ko bhi pilayiye. Kripa ho jayegi. Aapko mata ka ashirwad. Vow, so simple to get all your problems solved. That till now you were drinking darjeeling tea everyday and still the problems are not solved, does not matter. Now Nirmal Baba has ordered you to have the tea, problems will go away.

Bhai, aap kahan se aa rahen hai? Babaji, main Chandni chowk, Delhi se aa rahi hoon,Mere ghar main sabhi bimar rehte hai,koyi theek nahi hota hai. bahut takleef se guzar rahen hai. kuch kariye Baba. Bhai yeh gol gappe kyon yaad aa rahen hai. Kab khaye the gol gappe? Baba, yaad nahin par shayad do mahine pehle khaye the.

Yahi to. Kaise kripa hogi. Jayiye ek kilo gol gappe gariboon me baant dijiye aur khood bhi khayiye. Sab theek ho jayenge. Mata ka aashirwaad hai. Great, just eat gol gappas and you will be all right. To hell with doctors.

Aap kahan se aa rahen hai? Ji hum Kashmir se aa rahen hai. Badi mushkil main hai, aantak vadi log dhamki de rahen hai. Baba kuch kariye. Arre bhai yeh kashmiri Dum Aloo kyon samne aa rahen hai? Dum Aloo khaatey ho ki nahin. Kabh khaye the? Baba, bahut samay se nahi khaya hai. To phir kripa kaise hogi. Aapki samasya bhadi hai. Aap 5 Kilo dum aaloo banvayiye aur dostoon aur rishtedaroon ke saath khayiye. sab theek ho jayega. Baba ham bach jayenge? Bhai koyi inko bithao, 4000 rupiye main, kewal ek hi sawal puch sakte ho. Just imagine by eating dum aloos the terrorist problem in Kashmir can be solved.  The UPA government has goofed here also.

And finally. Baba aap kahan gayab ho gaye ho? Bhakt main Jharkahnd main baitha hoon. Police se chup rahan hoon. Baba aap such bolte hain, last kabh kaha tha? Yaad nahin. Issi liye to. Aap thoda thoda such bolna shuru kariye to aap par bhi kripa hogi. Kuch time salakhoon ke piche katiye, sab theek ho jayega.

It is time, not only the Babas but their followers, should also be prosecuted.

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