The Negative Effect Of Having Positive Attitude

He was a person with a positive attitude. He did not know, why he was like that and since when. For, ever since he remembered he had a positive outlook on every isssue. This was in stark contrast to  the attitudes he saw around himself. His colleauges in the office, relations at home and in general he would find people either pessimistic or speak ill of others and situations.

Many a times he felt ,was his attitude right? His boss also once commented to him that his attitude was too simplistic and he would be in trouble  as he went up

the managerial  ladder. But he could not change for that was his nature. He had read somewhere, that a person can change one's personality but not one's nature.  

Everyone would praise him when they wanted their work done thru him. Many would come to him and tell their failure stories. He would give them all a patient hearing and boost their morale. Occassionally when he tried to tell them about his troubles, they would generally cut him short and go away. Soon he realised, that he had to only  listen to others and not share his troubles. He learnt to keep his troubles to himself and was as usual cheerful and positive in his approach. 

His bosses used to load him with work. When others would not do their jobs properly many a times he was given additional responsibilities. He would discharge his own and extra duties cheerfully. He had tremendous confidence and ability to work hard.

He soon went up the hierarechy to higher positions faster than others. He noticed that his colleagues were now openly showing faint resentment to him. He also found that in meetings, many a times, a few would oppose him, just for the heck of it. He realised that apart from professional jealousy he was now also seeing many of his colleauges, ganging up against him. Though on his face, they kept praising him. But by now he knew it was all false.

He did not let all this

affect his quality of work, nor his ability toget work done in time and to the satisfaction of his superiors.

It was then that the ultimate weapons available to every Indian were unleashed at him. He was not a son of the soil. He was also fortunately or unfortunately a Brahmin. He was however never conscience of both the facts. He had learnt the local language and was fluent in it. He had never ever used his upper caste status for gain or to humiliate anyone. In fact he never asked anyone his caste and mingled with everyone freely.

Soon he was being rebuked, for his being an outsider and holding a high post. It was also spread that because he was a high caste, he had got favours from a few of his bosses who also happened to be of his caste. His merit was sought to be played down. He could feel these strong undercurrents in his colleagues. Soon it became difficult for him to continue in this state. He found hardly any solace from his earlier friends and colleagues.

His successes were now his enemies. He gave a deep thought to his situation. Soon he started looking for a new oppurtunity. As luck would have it he got a job in the state of whose soil he was supposed to belong. After joining, he came to know that  his boss was of his caste.

Both these happenings did not please him for he was not built that way. But the irony of the situation was not lost on him. Sitting back, he remembered the very warm farewell that his colleagues gave him in his previous job. He was wondering whether they were wishing him a farewell or were they celebrating their own success at having eased him out. Suddenly he did not want to know. 

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