Are There Any Benefits Or Advantages To Lying?

I think that everyone lies now and then. At times, because of the suddenness of a situation, we might realize that we just said a lie. We all make mistakes. Most of us don’t feel too good about that because we know that lying is wrong. However, is it ever beneficial to deliberately and knowingly lie? At times, are there advantages to lying?

Let’s look at a few situations where it might seem beneficial or advantageous to lie or where lying might seem to be the right thing to do or where lying might seem to be in everyone’s best interest.


love our friends and family and may want to avoid hurting their feelings: so should we lie to them?

Let’s say a wife asks: how do I look in this dress? Our true opinion is that it doesn’t suit her at all. Would it be best to say that she looks great so that we don’t hurt her feelings? What if we did that and at the party a couple of her friends don’t give her any compliments. Might she now be more upset with us because we didn’t tell her the truth?

If someone has some dirt on their face, would it not be better to tell them about it then to pretend all is well and later they become really embarrassed when they discover it?

Once people realize that we lie, and they will, our reputation will not be that

great, will it?

Let’s take another example. We are late for work because we slept in: what should we tell our boss?

We could tell the truth or we could say that there was an accident on the road and we were delayed.

Let’s say we chose the latter and he asks: what kind of accident was it? Since the accident was a lie, now to cover the first lie, we will be forced to tell a series of lies and since there was no accident at another occasion the details might be different and the boss realizes we lied. What kind of confidence in our truthfulness would lying build?

I personally never found any benefits or advantages to lying. It only made things worse and I had to feel the pangs of a bad conscience and regret as to why I didn’t tell the truth. Let’s always keep in mind that telling the truth doesn’t mean that we have to be brutal and hurt people. It can be done with kindness and love. I have always found that telling the truth is the best policy.

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