Need For All India Petrol Users Party To Fight Price Rise

There seems to be a need for all the petrol users in the country to come together on a common platform to safeguard their rights. The reason to do so is felt because already the ballon of another price rise has been floated. With the Parliament not being allowed to function and coal dominating over petrol it is quite possible that the price  of petrol may be increased by say at least by Rs 3 per litre very soon.

The injustice faced by petrol users is too evident to be discussed in detail. The prices of diesel,cooking gas and kerosene are

remaining frozen since long but the petrol prices are regularly increased. Thousands of crore rupees worth of subsidy is provided to these products to maintain their artificial prices.

The government has tied itself into a subsidy trap from which it does not want to come out and also does not know how to come out. The most oft given reason is that the prices of all commodities will go up  if prices of diesel are increased . If cooking gas prices are increased then middle class will not be able to afford it. By this logic kerosene can't be touched at all.

The prices of which commodities have come down in the past five years one would like to know. Inflation of double figures is faced since many months now. In the last few weeks the prices of potatoes and onions have doubled ie 100% price rise has taken place. The prices of non vegetarian items are gallopoing. Fruit prices

have also gone up by around 20-25%. All this when diesel prices have not gone up since so many months now. 

Since many years now there are elections held almost every year in some stae or the other. So govt will not increase the prices. Now the govt. is itself in election mode so prices will not go up. But price of petrol will go up. WHY?

it seems that the ruling party has come to the conclusion that the petrol car users are well spread all over the country and thus are not going to matter much as a vote bank. So to hell with them. But diesel is used by transport vehicles and agricultur pumps and to run power generators. So they form a large and significant section of the population and thus need to be cajoled and kept in good humour. They need to be rewarded for voting the political parties back to power.

Therefore it is necessary for petrol users to come together and form, say, a All India Petrol Users Party ,preferably headed by a politician who is in search of an issue. Agitations and processions are the language the political respond to.So all we want is that the prices of diesel and cooking gas also should be raised to spread the burden or the prices of petrol should also be subsidised.


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