The Mysterious Missing Name In The Poll For Greatest Indian After Gandhi

A poll is being held by a leading channel to find, who is the greatest Indian after Mahatama Gandhi. A list of 50 names has been shortlisted and it is from these, that viewers have to choose, upto ten names as their choice. Missing from this list is the name of a prominent Indian, who is in news everyday since last ten years now.

This person has so many achievments to his credit, that not including him in the list of 50 Indians, is a discredit  to the channel itself.

One of the greatest quality he has is, that he is not

at all selfish and does not want any post for himself. It is the posts that come to him and because he is so service oriented, he accepts them for the sake of more than five crore citizens of his state. 

That he could not show his great administrative skills at a crucial period ten years ago is not his fault. He simply refuses to ever talk about it and the great losses that occured then. Any questions about those events, are met with a stony silence. 

A large number of court cases are going on into the events of that period. Strictures have been passed. But it does not matter. It is seen as a plot against him, by his supporters.

The state which he rules was, a totally undeveloped state, before his innings started. In a matter of ten years, the state has seen fantastic development. It is today competing with China. It is far ahead of other Indian states and there is no comparison with any of them. 

He constantly, from every forum,

criticizes the ruling disposition in Delhi. They are, for him, the Delhi Sultanate. A particular family in Delhi and its members are constantly berated by him. He knows all the reasons why things are going wrong in the country, excepting his own state.

His latest discovery is that, the value of rupee is going down versus the dollar, because of corruption. Every time it recovers, is because corruption during that period has gone down. Truly a great discovery.

He does not brook any opposition to himself and goes to any extent to remove them from his path. There are, a few such persons, lying bruised and waiting for their oppurtunity to hit back. It does not bother him a bit, as he believes India is waiting for him.

He has now made it clear, that his ambition is to capture the Delhi Sultanate. He has set the ball in motion and already one person has retired hurt and left the party. The head of his own party has had to bow to him. The veterans in his party are feeling slighted. In his home state,  voices of opposition, are begining to be heard. But his mantra of development is going to see him reach Delhi, so he believes.

Only time will tell. But, in the mean time, the channel has done a great injustice, by not including his name in the short list of candidates for the greatest Indian after Mahatama Gandhi.

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