In My City ---- Who Cares

I am staying in one of Gujarat's largest cities. When I came to this city its population was around 3.5 lakhs and today it has risen, six folds to around 18-19 lakhs. But sad to say that it's infrastructure has hardly seen a corresponding rise. It is a tribute to some of the forward looking kings, who, before the country's independence, showed vision and thought big and planned, at least the city I live in,in such a manner that today with six to seven times increase in population the city is managing to survive on the more than nearly eighty

to ninety years old created infrastructure

It is extremely distressing to see that in today's muncipality driven cities,and also in my city,there is no place for pavements on the new roads that are being laid. It is very difficult and dangerous for pedestarians to walk on these roads.In the roads laid during the king's time not only in my city,but in other princely cities also,there would invairably be a well laid out pavemen,t on both sides of the road,on which a good number of pedestarians could walk both comfortably and safely.Who cares

The muncipality of my city is against the vegetable vendors. Since independence, no new vegetable market has been made by them. The king's time vegetable market ,beautifully designed, before independence is the only one in the city,even when its population has gone up more than six times. I have noted that most of the householders visit the scattered and temporary vegetable markets at least one to two times a week.Millions of rupees business is generated in these markets. However every few months, the muncipality staff come and confiscate the larris and vegetables of the sellers.After couple of days after paying a

fine they collect back their larris and start all over again. Such callous and insensitive attitude towards a group of persons who are performing such vital function is simply not understandable.Who cares.

In my city it is a challenge to everyone to find,  say ,5 to 10 meter length of road in any area which does not have some defect or the other. Either it is dug out,or patched up,or broken or has stones/mud etc lying on it ,since years and so on. The muncipality has no idea that vehicle parking zones should be provided and it is part of their planning and duty to do so.There are stretchs of roads which have risen by about two feet in the last thirty years due to repeated recarpeting, resulting in flooding in the areas during monsoons. Who cares.

Garbage collection is no longer the headache of the muncipality. Who cares.

On the roads of my city, animals like cows,donkeys,pigs,bulls,dogs have a right not only to stroll,but park themselves wherever they want to. I have seen a few accidents esp. of two wheelers take place, due to these animals, resulting in injuries and even death. Who cares.

Finally the residents of my city also do not care.Occassionally, if these matters get discussed, they ultimately end up by eveyone saying, in unison, yes you guessed it right -- Who cares

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