Microsoft Launches Surface Tablet Vs Ipad

The spectacular success of the Apple’s iPad tablets, has provoked Microsoft Corp. to come out with its own line of computer tablets. In a major shift, the software giant has decided to take on Apple, by shedding its software only image.

Microsoft introduced on June 18, 2012, at Los Angeles, California, its tablet computer, named Surface. It has a model directly competing with Apple’s iPad and also a larger version, which can compete with lightweight laptops. Both are going to be powered by a new version of Windows 8 operating system.

For the past nearly four decades, Microsoft has developed newer versions

of Windows software and other computer manufacturers have used it as operating systems. This brought in tremendous revenues to Microsoft, making its founder Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world. One of the reasons for Microsoft to become so rich, was the lack of competition, which gave it a near monopoly in computer operating systems. It has now rightly taken the strategic decision, to not only continue developing operating systems but also make its own computers which shall incorporate these systems. In this manne,r it hopes to

give competition to Apple, which has had a phenomenal run with its iPads in the global markets. However, this could also mean, it is now giving competition, to computer manufacturers like Samsung and HP, the biggest buyers of its Windows operating systems.

The new tablets are going to feature the new touch-friendly interface named as “Metro” and developed by Microsoft. The inside Nvidia chip is designed by ARM Holdings. The lighter, thinner version of the Surface tablet has a 10.6 inch screen and will come in 32GB and 64GB memory sizes. It is likely to be released in the market in coming December, in time for the Christmas shopping season at a yet to be disclosed price.

We can now wait to witness the competition between Apple and Microsoft. However, like Nokia and Motorola were competing in the mobile markets, Samsung ran away with the customers with its Galaxy models, someone else may emerge in the computer tablet market also, leaving both Apple and Miacrosoft behind. Till then happy computing.

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