Mamata Banerjee The Outsmarted Political Maverick

Poor Mamata stands isolated today.   One of the panelists ,in a TV channel discussion, compared her with political mavericks like Raj Narain, George Fernandes and Subramaniam Swami, all of whom thrive on chaos, purposefully created by themselves and are always in a perpetual state of oppostion, with those with whom they are suppose to be cooperating. They are a class by themselves.

Subramaniam Swamy has been fighting the Congress and thereby, trying to pin down the Gandhi family, since nearly more than 25 years now. He uses his legal knowledge skillfully,,to fight charges, he levels against his opponents. So far,

he has not been able to achieve anything, but keeps himself in news most of the time.

Similarly, Mamata also keeps herself in the news, by opposing every action proposed by UPA and always has some or the other objection. Initially it was seen as her being bold, but now it is not seen favorably. Not only she keeps objecting but does not subsequently come forward, to solve the issue. The UPA played upto her and were,seen bending to her wishes. All this emboldened her, to take the step of proposing, the Prime Minister's name for the post of President.

In this game, she was outsmarted by Mulayam Singh, who first supported her and then coolly went to support the candidature of Pranab Mukherjee. He in fact betrayed her and her trust.

Poor Mamata, is now left seeking support for a person, who in the first place, is  not even a candidate.She can't be seen changing her stand, though some expect her to do so. In fact

she has put herself in a tight corner.Her drumming for support, on  the social network, Facebook, on behalf of the common man, looks like a desperate act, to remain valid in the race.

Her penchant, to always act as an injured martyr, is her undoing most of the time. She does not want problems to be resolved for then there are no causes left to fight for. She wants to be a permanent rebel, even if the cause is not worth fighting for.

With only 4% votes, she wanted the UPA to accept her choice for the President. Now this is something, that only someone, who either thinks too high of herself or is politically naive, would do.That she has got isolated this time must have hit her hard. Her face shows it now.

In a way, it is good that she leaves the UPA, because then perhaps, some pending Bills can be at least, introduced in the Parliament. That she defeated the Reds in Bengal does not mean, she sees red in the whole country. She not only needs, good counsellers but also needs to accept their counsel. Perhaps, free from constantly opposing UPA, she may now concentrate on the affairs of her poor state and deliver on the promises she made in the elections. Merely winning a huge majority is not enough. One needs to perform also. Time Mamata showed her governing skills.


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