Little Mahi Is No More

In the death of 5 year old Mahi, inside a 70 feet borewell, the Indian State once again stands thoroughly exposed. Even 65 years after independence, in an relatively well off state like Haryana, there are sections of population with no access to drinking water. It seems the poor parents of Mahi alongwith other like them were digging the borewell themselves for finding water. They could not afford a contractor.

How many Mahis have to die just to draw attention, to the fact that there are vast areas in our country which lack basic civic amneties and people there are forced

to live the life of extreme downtroddenb.Five to ten miles from a city the landscape changes to distress. 

Is it so difficult to make a basic amenity like water to be made available to all citizens, irrespective whether they live in big cities, small towns or rural areas. Does it require rocket science to achieve this noble misssion. Is there lack of resources both financial and material. Are there no water sources available for supplying to everyone.

Every other day a new industry comes up in large parts of the country. How do they get water. Large chemical companies take in lakhs of litres of fresh water daily and release polluted water into the rivers of India. WHY is this allowed?

Does it mean the poor will not get water simply because they are poor. What is the role of the administration. It is now become more and more of arm chair administration. The babus are sitting in their ivory offices and directing from there. The down below staff, keep reporting progress and looting the funds. The babus in turn. inform their political masters, that everything is fine. A lot of our politicians are also the arm chair type. After getting elected ,they insulate themselves

from their constituents and only deal with those who can be of help to them, in the usual ways we very well know by now. Politics is no longer service, it is a vocation to become rich and comfortable and ensure the baton is passed to one's progeny within the family.

Unfortunately, all the above is happening with the concurrence of the people of India. Indians vote most of the time for the sake of voting.The candidate is not tested for his sincerety or dedication or his ability to perform. Agreed, if all the parties put up such candidates what choice does the electorate have. But change will have to come from below, the top is interseted in perpetuation of their dynastic politics.

So we will continue to see the poor struggle to even live a basic life, where an essential commodity like water is made available to them by the State. Is'nt  it a matter of irony, that nature provides water free to all living beings and it has only to be properly managed to make it available to all citizens.

How many more Mahis have to perish to make our consciences awaken, to the fact that there are people amongst us who are still bereft of even a simple and basic facility like drinking water.The governments these days seem to be only fighting elections and more elections. They do not have time for the Mahis of this country. The only Mahi, who matters is the one, who is the 31st richest sportsman in the world. The poor Mahis can go find there way in dark borewells.

May her soul rest in peace.


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Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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