Less Than 3% Of Indian Population Will Make Ek Tha Tiger Cross Rs 200 Crore Mark.

How many people must have watched Salman Khan-Katrina starrer Ek Tha Tiger in the theaters? A simple caculation should perhaps give us an answer.

On the first day of its release it is reported that the total all India collection was Rs 33 crores. If we were to take the average cost of one ticket on an all India basis,say, at Rs 70 then it means around 47,14,285 persons saw the movie on the first day.

It is furthur reported that the total eight day collections are a healthy Rs 150 crore. Then @ Rs 70 per ticket a total of 2,14,28,571

 or more than 2.14 crore persons have seen the movie in a eight day period. In order to reach the magic figure of Rs 200 crore the movie is required to be still tseen by 71,42,857 viewers.

Thus a total of  2,85,71,428 or more than 2.85 crore persons will have seen the movie to enable it to reach the earning figure of Rs 200 crore.

If the all India average per ticket value is less than the assumed Rs 70 then proportionately that many more persons will see the movie. Hopefully the figure will be say around 3 crore viewers.

This the brings us to a very interesting observation. In a population of 124 crore people less than 3% watch a movie and it is declared a superhit. More than 97% do not watch Hindi movies. 3 Idiots is supposed to be the most highest revenue grosser Hindi movie. Till date, it is supposed to have done a business of Rs 386 crore. As the movie was released more than 3 years ago, we may safely assume an all India average of Rs 45 per ticket. It then works out that it must have been seen by at least  8.57 crore viewers

over a more than three years period. It also means that around only 8% of India's population saw the most successful box office movie.

Most of the movies do business much less than Rs 50 crore which means a maximum of 71,42,857 persons watch a moderately successful movie, a mere 0.60 % of our population.

Why do so less persons go to watch a movie? Even allowing for language constraints, it clearly shows that the economic conditions of the vast majority of the population does not allow them an oppurtunity to see a movie in theaters. Perhaps the daily entertainment provided by the TV is also responsible as they are not totally starved of entertainment. Also the high cost of tickets, especially in multiplexes and the additional cost of high priced snacks deters many from seeing movies on a regular basis.

Only movies like 3 idiots or Ra.one or Singh is King or Dabanng or Bodyguard and now Ek Tha Tiger may coax more people to go to the theaters. Yet the percenatage of Indian population watching these, even successful movies, remains relatively absymally low.

Could that be the reason why more of recently released movies are shown on TV. The reach of TV channels is very large and the movie is free along with hundreds of advertisements. No one seemsto mind these.

Just imagine the turn over successful movies would garner if ticket prices were to be still lower and more good quality theaters were available and say 10 to15% of Indian population saw movies on an average. Mindboggling.

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