Leader And Leadership In Political Parties --- Need For Hrd.

There is a crying need  these days about a leader who can effectively lead the country into a bright future. Does such leader exist among the so called netajis of today. Is there any person emerging as a future leader on the horizon. Why are we suddenly noticing a near absence of an effective leader in our society.

By a simple definition a person is a leader who has followers. For if there are no followers there cant be a leader and vice versa. Can we recall the name of any politician today who can be said to have a sizeable

followers of the right type.

Basically there are two types of leaders, the formal and the informal.

The formal leaders are those who get the oppurtunity to become leaders of a well defined group of persons by virtue of the positions they hold in an organisation. Examples are Managing Directors,General Mangers, Managers, Astt. Engineers etc. Every organisation has a well defined organisational hierarchial structure and every position is manned by a person suitably qualified both educationally and experiencewise. Through regular promotions the person rises in the hierarchy. At every step he is a leader of those persons reporting to him. Thus he is basically a positional leader. The level of the position also decides his level of leadership. Once he looses his position due to resigning or retirement he also looses his positional leadership.

However in every organisation and in the society at large, there are always persons who are constanly sought upon by their colleagues or sections of population,to solve their problems or seek advice on a varety of issues. These persons usually are  not necessarily holding positions of importance in an organisation and may be just simple citizens. It is they who are known as the informal leaders. They emerge as natural leaders and if they continue to deliver results they keep  adding followers .People instinctively place their faith in such informal leaders. As their leadership is niether due to nor linked to any position they continue to be almost lifelong leaders.

It is these informal leaders that the political parties are increasingly not encouraging beyond a certain point in their party hierarchial structures. The main reason being that almost all leading political parties have now become family ruled and thus dynastic "leaders are being thrust upon the party as well as the masses.The last informal leader the Congress had was Indira Gandh. After her Rajiv Gandhi was a positional leader

because he was Indira's son and post of PM should remain in the family.Narsimaha Rao was an exception because there was no eligible member of the 'family' available. Now the present PM is also a positional leader keeping the chair warm for the 'Prince' in waiting, who as we are seeing is desperately trying to become an informal leader before he is installed as the PM.The BSP has Behenji as the combined informal and positonal leader. The SP has passed on the baton to its positional young leader who is sought to be projected as an informal leader.The DMK and AIADMK are again family ruled dynastically inclined parties.The SAD in Punjab can't look beyond the Badals.The Biju Janta Dal in Orissa is Patnaik centered.The BJP is gradually finding a few families emerging in its fold and perhaps in a decade from now it will also see increasing number of family driven positional leaders.Only the Communists seem to be having informal leaders but unfortunately their philosphy is now niether attractive nor feasible.

It is the suppression of the emergence and growth of grassroot informal leaders by leading parties which themselves are in the clutches of the families,whose single point agenda is to perpetuate dynastic rule that finds the country increasingly led by ineffective positional leaders who are thrust upon the country

.Can there be a way to have more and more of informal leaders leading us in an effective manner.Will the political parties choose their internal party positions in a democratic manner.The  positional leaders of political parties are attracting self serving followers whose only agenda is to enrich themselves. Thus vested interests have taken roots and  we see corruption increasing . The political families are now into political business and thus do not want to be out of business.They will  never allow the emergence of popular ,sincere , nationally committed informal leaders within the parties the control. Till such time we have no choice but to bear family rule delivered thru ineffective positional leaders. All political parties should have Human Resource Development (HRD) depts. to develop good leaders.

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