Kashmiris Way Of Survival In Troubled Times

The hapless situation in the Kashmir valley and in particular in Srinagar and its sorroundings is the result of too many  leaders trying to create space for their living by trying to influence a captive population. The residents of the Valley are too divided in their loyalities and thus are not able to decide what exactly they want.

Let us examine the choices that are available to the Kashmiris. Their is the National Conference (NC) which advocates remaining with India but wants autonomy within the Indian Cinstitution. Then there is the PDP which is offering similar choice of remaining within India

but with far more autonmy then asked for by NC. Both are not very forth coming on their exact definition of autonomy. Then there is the Congress reduced to a coalition partner of the ruling party. It has no specific policy on Kashmir and plays along by arranging for funds from Delhi to keep the pot boiling.

Then there are the separatists who want to either join Pakistan or want Independence or Aazadi. Apparently they do not have majority support but have significant support. They have nusiance value like some parties in Mumbai and frequently order the closing down of the Valley to show their presence. People are afraid and comply.

Then there are the militants who come from across the border and also from within. Their job is to carry out from time to time terrorist acts and get killed in the process. A number of the valley's youth take to these activities and

lose their lives.

Then there are vested interests in the government, poliics, and business who want the situation to continue as it is as it gives them the oppurtunity to continue profiting without accountability. 

All the above have leaders who have by now developed sufficient followers and have also developed powerful contacts within India and outside namely Pakistan which helps them to keep their shops running. It is the unfortunate ordinary Kashmiri who is caught between so many choices and willingly or otherwise subscribes to a particular ideology. All of them are self destructive. It has been grilled into the ordinary Kashmiri that he will not get justice in India because of his religion and will get it in Pakistan because of his religion. In the process it is ironic that Indians die protecting them and Pakistan sends terrorists who kill them.

Yet the Kashmiri keeps falling prey to anti India forces. The so called nationalistic forces in the Valley also try to keep them in good humour for the sake of votes.

The ordinary Kashmiri has now decided to swim with every one. He votes in large numbers so that India can be happy, he closes shop so that the separatists are happy and he throws stones so that the terrorists are happy.  Seems the only way out for the hapless Kashmiri. to survive. But for how long?

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