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The IPL season 5 ended with a cracker of a match yesterday. The final played at Chennai, saw KKR lift the Cup by deafeating CSK on their home ground. In a sizzling display of fine batting, the KKR could make it only in the fourth ball of the last over, in their first appearance in an IPL final. CSK could not complete a hat trick of winning it, in as many appearances in the finals and were also  the defending champions.

The IPL matches provided sports, entertainment , glamour and were commercially successful.

The time is now oppurtune to take stock of

the IPL 5 tournament, played from early April to May 27, 2012 in scorching heat all over the country. This IPL had its share of controversies which was like icing on the cake. The two players agreeing to spot fix, followed by Shah Rukh Khan's tantrums at Wankhede Stadium,Mumbai and then the molestation charges levied against a Royal Challengers Bangalore player diverted the attention from the games but not the interest.

The IPL brand has become a commercial success over the five seasons it has conducted the tournaments, every year ,since 2008. It is estimated that nearly two million tickets were sold, netting a revenue of about Rs 200 crore for the organisers. The franchisees are supposed to have created a sponsorship market worth more than Rs 2,700 crore. Many of the franchisees are expecting to turn profitable, on rising sponsorships and considerable increase in stadium ticket sales. The tickets were costing from a low of  Rs 200 to a high of Rs 25,000. There was a surge in online sale of tickets, ranging from an increase of 30% for Delhi team to a 400% rise in Pune team's ticket sales when compared to last year figures. Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta are reported to have sold tickets between

Rs 30-34 crore each. All these have made IPL a commercially successful event.

It is estimated that nearly 160 million people watched the IPL games on TV this year. This is supposed to be a fantastic reach by itself. It is again claimed that  more than 100 million viewers watched the matches online and around 11 million spent  upto 20 minutes everyday watching the matches on their mobile sets. The space on the player's jerseys were sold by the franchisees to generate a combined revenue of around Rs 35 cr. 

 The number of matches has gone up from 58 in 2008 to 76 in 2012.The TV viewership has gone up from 102 million in 2008  to 160 million this year. The average salary per player in the famed American  NBA baseball tournament is $2.62 million and the IPL is a close second by paying an average salary of $2.5 million to its players.

The sterling performances by Chris Gayle, Gautam Gambhir,  Ajinkya Rahane, S Dhawan, V Sehwag,  M. Bilsa and Jacques Kallis with the bat, and bowlers like M Morkel, Sunil Naraine, L Malinga, Umesh Yadav, Vinay Kumar and Shakib ul Rehman helped raise the audience involvement to a new high. That a good number of matches saw a last over or a last ball finish added considerably to the excitement taking it to  high pitch. More than 700 sixes were hit with Chris Gayle producing some of the best hits. The West Indies players overall performed creditably and were the most exciting players to watch. The various controversies went on to act as publicity and increase. the public interest in brand IPL

 The IPL is no longer only a sports event, it is a sports-cum- entertainment-cum glamour event, executed perfectly, viewed immensly and awaited eagerly every year.

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