Infighting In The Indian Cricket Team

The Indian cricket team is in the news, not for winning or loosing, but, for infighting amongst themselves. Infighting has always been there, but, since last couple of years, because it was doing good, and had won the World Cup, the matter went into the background.

Now that they have been squarely defeated in the Test series, in both its tours abroad,to England and Australia and are also performing dismally in the one day triseries, the things have begun to fall apart. It is natural to find scapegoats and the process is on.

The captain Dhoni has laid the blame on the senior players

like Sachin and Sehwag and also Gambhir, for their slow fielding, which enables, the rival team to score 20 - 25 runs extra, enough to tilt the match outcome in their favor. The senior players are naturally miffed at this. Also, the rotation policy it seems is to keep one of these senior players out and ensure a younger player gets in,This also is not seen favorably by the seniors and rested players.  Having been on a long loosing run Dhoni is under tremendous stress.

 At the root of all this discontent and mutual mud slinging is the famous Indian disability of not taking hard decisions at the right time. The promising future is sacrificed for the rotten present. Also the famous networking dependency of a handful of persons at key positions is another constraint in hard decision making.

The BCCI is now known as Board of No Control of Cricket in India. Its office bearers are non cricketers, mostly industrialists and politicians, who are not dependent on the game of cricket they are required to administer. They are there to bask in the glory, the most popular game in the country brings. They are there only to control the flow of money recd. from sponsorships, advertisements and

TV rights. The conduct of the game is not important. Also now most of them are associated with one or the other IPL team and so are some of the Selection Committe members. They therefore do not want to be seen as game or career spoilers. Also the players are now  earning lakhs and crores of rupees thanks to IPL contracts. So they are not motivated to give their best for the country. Also the independence wealth gives, they are not afraid of being dropped. 

Amongst all this why a player like Sachin should continue playing after the glory of winning the World Cup is hard to understand. Now he will have to go the Pointing way but can the Board dare do this. They will wait till Tendulkar tells them that he will, now, not play. Why should Sehwag be continued after scoring dismal scores in match after match is a mystery. Does the Coach have no role in team selection. Why is Raina being favored. Why are pitches like those in England/Australia which favor fast bowlers not made in India so that our batsmen can be trained to play rising balls and not look pathetic with a bat in hand chasing the fast ball to give a catch to the nearest fielder. When will the captain laed by his leadership and players obey him as disciplined team members. When will the Board take professional decisions and scientifically promote the game rather than financially.

When will the Indian fan desert the game of cricket and return to it only when it is proffessionally conducted and players play for country's glory as disciplined members under an inspiring captain.

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Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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