Indians Score And Spin To Outclass Australians In Hyderabad Test

The only way Australians could have avoided defeat in Hyderabad would have been to refuse to play in view of the recent bomb blasts. However it is to their credit that they agreed to play and gave India a chance to take a 2-0 winning lead by winning the second Test in under four days flat.

It is a sweet revenge for the 4-0 drubbing Indians recieved when they toured Australia last. There are stil two Tests remaining. The emergence of Indian spinners brings the memory of the days when the famous trio of spinners, Bedi, Prasanna and Chandrashekhar dominated the

cricketing scene. They were ably assisted by another off-spinner Venkataraghvan. On their day they would run through thec opposition like a knife cuts a butter slab.

Both Ashwin and Jadeja have contributed very ably with their spin bowling. One has to agree with a heavy heart that Harbhajan is not so effective as he used to be. Time for him to fade away gracefully.He has taken 400 wickets and his name is well established in Indian crickets hall of fame. The new find B. Kumar also seems to be able to swing the ball both ways to the discomfiture of the batsmen. Ishant Sharma is perhaps

on the decline.

It is the batting department which is beginning to deliver tall scores. Pujara is living upto his reputation as a very tall scorer in domestic cricket and now in international cricket also. His 204 runs along with another promising batsman Murli Vijay's 169 laid the base for Australia's defeat by an innings and 135 runs. Dhoni seems to have regained his batting form. Sachin and Kohli are still maintaining their on and off form. However it seems it is time to bid farewell to Sehwag.

The fielding and running between wickets also has improved considerably. Jadeja is turning out to be a fine all rounder. All in all the absence of solid players like Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and Kumble have been ably filled in by Pujara, Vijay, Ashwin and Jadeja.

The hapless Austarlians will be wondering what has happened to them. However one should not underestimate them. They can still comeback but their morale also must be down due to the two back to back defeats.

It would be worth watching for how long Indians are able to maintain their winning form to the delight of Indian fans.

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