Indian Muslim Women Want Triple Talaq Banned

The system of giving divorce by the triple talaq sytem by Muslims is now being challenged by Muslim women in India. The movement is gaining momentum and is ls being opposed by clergy and others. Progressive Indians must come forward to support this genuine demand of Indian Muslim women.

There is beginning of a churning in the Indian Muslim society regarding the practice of triple talaq. As is understood by common persons,  if a husband tells his wife three times that "I divorce you" then divorce has taken place and the marriage gets annulled. The divorced wife is not entitled to any alimony. She has to fend for herself.

Many Muslim married men are increasingly resorting to divorcing their wives by conveying triple talaq by all sort of ways and manners. Recently a women received a paper by speed post, conveying her husband's intention of divorcing her by writing the feared

word talaq three times. And lo presto divorce has come into effect. The woman stands divorced.

Muslim husbands are conveying talaq through mobiles, e-mails, videos, these days. The progress in communication technology is being used effectively by them in a faceless manner.

Hidden behind this practice, is the humiliation, pain and helplessness thrust on the unsuspecting Muslim wife. She feels ejected out of her family and society. The instantaneous manner of separation leaves a permanent scar on her psyche and degrades her in her own eyes and that of the society.

As is generally the case, in most  Asian and Muslim societies, the menfolk have nothing to worry. They use such provisions for their narrow selfish goals. They claim to have societies and religions sanction in this triple talaq manner of ridding themselves of their unwanted wives. It goes with out saying that as usual the poor hapless wife does not have the reciprocal right to divorce her husband by the triple talaq style.

It is this discrimination that increasing  number of Muslim women are now boldly coming forward and challenging. They no longer are prepared to be ill treated under the supposed cover of religious sanction. Their hopes of reform taking place is belied by the rigid and conservative attitude of their religious leaders and unfortunately many Muslim politicians.

In TV debates on the issue of banning triple talaq, while it is refreshing to see Muslim women, young and old, spiritedly argue with facts and figures, it is distressing to see a so called religious scholars, politicians and some

intellectuals argue against them with ageless arguments and referring to sanctions which they are not able to provide proof for.

Newspaper reports are saying that recently 50,000 Indian Muslim women have signed a petition calling for ban of triple talaq. Also nearly 94% Muslim women have opposed this system in a survey carried out by an reputed agency.

A triple talaq divorced Muslim  woman has gone to the court and judicial verdict from highest court of the land can be expected after due procedure being followed in the matter.

In the infamous Shah Bano case when the Court granted her alimony, the then Prime Minister buckled under conservative pressure of vested Muslim leaders and annulled it by legislative means. This was a retrograde step which besides continuing injustice on divorced women also gave considerable boost to the growth of the right wing BJP in the country.

Today a demand for ban of the triple talaq system has arisen from within the Islamic society of India. Educated and forward looking Muslim women are in the forefront of this movement. Matter is in court also. There is widespread media ad intelligentsia support. Now is the time for all progressive forces to come together and support the of ban this practice which is already banned in twenty Islamic countries including Pakistan.

Vested interests who want to maintain their hold on Indian Muslims in name of religion, and divisive politics, will oppose this change tooth and nail and as a last resort take recourse to violence and victimization all in name of protecting religion.

All progressive citizens of India, irrespective of their religion should come forward and  support the lead taken by Muslim women to get this retrograde and demeaning practice of triple talaq banned in India also. This will give protection to Muslim women and also give them a respectable life to lead

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  • vks1000  18-06-2016
    thank you. please support the move to ban injustice to muslim women.
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  • UmiNoor  04-06-2016
    It's a coward man who wouldn't face a woman when uttering the talaq. And also a selfish one who wouldn't provide for a woman whom he had married and provided him with a comfortable married life after divorcing her. Yes, this triple talaq custom must be abolished and women's rights must be upheld.
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