Indian Marriages Need To Tone Down The Decibles

The Indian marriage season has begun a few days back. The roads are full of marriage processions. One does not mind the marriages nor the processions. It is the nuisance, noise and the dirt they throw around which makes it a painful experience.

The mushrooming of party plots is another big nuisance for the hapless people living around it. The marriage parties are totally unmindful of the noise pollution they are causing to young students who want to study and to the old persons who want to rest. Any time of day and night is music time for these party plots.


process of causing all round nuisance starts from the bridegroom's place from where the baraat is supposed to depart. The family members and friends start assembling most of the time on the road outside the house. This is the start of the process of causing obstruction to the traffic moving on the road. Most of the time the poor bandwallas along with their odd sized musical instruments are scattered on the outside road. An hour or so before the baraat departure they are asked to play music and what is worse one of them starts singing. I have yet to hear someone singing in a harmonius voice. The most hoarse voice is accompanied by the most loud music and the result is noise at very high decilbles. It is simply pain to the listeners. One has to bear with it because it being marraige canot be opposed.

After what seems to be an eternity the baraat finally departs to the relief of the neighbours. Now it is noise pollution of the severest kind in motion. The procession occupies more than half the road and traffic jams build up.

Drivers start going the wrong way to escape having to wait for the procession to give way. The situation is furthur compounded as the youngsters in the procession start bursting rockets at intervals to announce their arrival to god knows whom. Meanwhile the lead singer is many times joined by another female or male singer to deliver double the torture. The spent fire crakers are another source of nuisance on the road. As they near the bride's place the young and old start jump dancing in vigour and all sorts of body motions. From far it seems as if they are reacting in pain to the tortourous song and music being balred loudly by the band.

Finally they reach the bride's place and one type of nuisance is over. At the brides place they play loud music through recorded music or some untrained singer and they are also fulfilling their quota of delivering noise pollution all around. Once the marriage is solemnised it is reason to furthur create noise and fireworks pollution. Irrespective of the hour especially late nights, the bridegroom's party start burstng rockets and other type of noise crackers to announce that the maririge is over and they are now departing with the bride.

All along the marriage procession leaves a trail of spent fire crackers and plastic glasses and so on.

Why can't the marriages be held in a sophisticated and sober way without noise and other types of pollution so that others along the way can also give their blessings rather than their curses

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