India And The Cricket World Cup

Cricket fever has gripped the subcontinent. Today is the inaugration of the World Cup in Dhaka ,Bangladesh. A grand ceremony is expected. A total of  fourteen nations are taking part in the tournament being organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after a gap of four years. Australia and previously West Indies have won between them six times. India,Sri Lanka and  Pakistan have each one once.

The fourteen teams are divided into two groups. Group A consists of Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand,Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya. Group B comprises of India, South Africa, England ,West Indies, Ireland, Bangladesh and Netherlands.

Four teams from each group will advance into the quarter-finals. The finals will be played in Mumbai.

The Indian media has since last couple of weeks projected that  time the Cup is going to be won by India. There is no dearth of reasons put forward to substantiate this sure shot prediction. The last and only time India has won the World Cup was in a thrilling final in 1983 when it beat West Indies in a low scoring match and the charismatic Kapil Dev was leading them. Almost every Channel has broadcast interviews with players of the 1983 victorius Indian team and these are repeated every day, with vedeo shots of the match in the background. By now most of the viewers are convinced that if there is a Indian team that can win the World Cup it s going to be the present Indian Team. It has depth in

both batting and bowling. It has above all Sachin Tendulkar. A sort of committment has been forced on the team that they have to win the World Cup for Sachins sake as this is going to be his last appearnce in the tournament. However Gavaskar yesterday predicted that Sachin could very well play the 2015 Cup also.

By now the Indian team has come under intense pressure especially because it is being held in India. The intense media hype and the hightened expectations by the India public are going to put the players under tremendous performance pressure. However they being proffessionals are expected to overcome these pressures and rise to the ocassion and deliver the Cup to the extreme delight of their fans.

Since the past few months the news on political front has been very depressing due to multiple scams. Therefore we all look forward  to the World Cup matches to cheer us up and an Indian victory in the final will  restore the pride we all were beginning to have in our country's all round performance easpecially in the IT sector and the economic front and the 8-9% growth rate till corruption at high places broughtboth it and  us tumbling down.

All the best to the World Cup tournament and while in our hearts we want India to win, may the best team win.


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